Prunella Vulgaris liver swelling and blood pressure

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Prunella Vulgaris liver swelling and buck

Prunella Vulgaris , To dry in the summer and the name, also known as summer faded grass head, big head and withered flowers, rod. Summer flower spike when withered, collecting flower spike or herb, dried and alternate. Modern studies have shown that Prunella Vulgaris flower spike with Prunella Vulgaris shake and anthocyanin; leaves of Hypericum glycosides, rutin; seed oil containing fat reconciliation lipase; whole plant water-soluble inorganic salts, including potassium chloride, sodium chloride, potassium and magnesium salts, containing essential oils. In addition, contain small amounts of alkaloids of heshun, caffeic acid, trans. Effect of decoction of dilated blood vessels, reducing blood pressure, inhibition of dysentery Bacillus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, have excitatory effects on the uterus and intestinal. Rich in potassium, so also has diuretic effects.

think of traditional Chinese medicine, Prunella Vulgaris from the cold, bitter, pungent, into the liver and gallbladder through the second, has the effect of liver eyesight, Qing Jie swelling, for conjunctive congestion with swelling and pain, eye beads of night pain, headache, dizziness, Scrofula, breast abscess, gall tumors, hypertension, etc. In recent years, according to the properties and modern pharmacology study of Prunella Vulgaris and broaden the scope of its clinical application.

1. acute mastitis: fresh Prunella Vulgaris 60 g, smash, twisted cloth bag juice, stewed water service, twice daily, plus wine dressing over its slag, daily dressing again.

2. acute tonsillitis: Prunella Vulgaris 30~60 grams of water twice within one day of the mixed liquid out frequently, clothes slowly swallowed when to extend the residence time of the liquid in the pharynx, lesion of drugs directly into the Department, has a very good effect.

3. acute and slowConjunctivitis: Prunella Vulgaris 12 grams, boiling water bubbles, after clarification, 3~4 eye-wash.

4. scleritis: Prunella Vulgaris, wild Chrysanthemum 30 grams of water, in two suits, with more degrees.

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