private healHealth fund premiums jump again

This year&8217;s increase is marginally lower than the 2010 rise of 5.78 per cent across the board.

Families will have to fork out more for their private health cover from April after Health Minister Nicola Roxon approved a hike in premiums for 34 of 35 funds.

Problems cing shares a year ago havent gone away – and weve added Mid-East tension, a rocketing oil price, major earthquakes and flooding.

The massive Japanese earthquake has raised the chances of a fiscal crisis in the worlds third largest economy and could affect countries around the globe, analysts in Europe and the US say.

Of the big funds, HCF will raise its private health fundspremiums by 6.41 per cent, NIB by 6.19 per cent and Westfund by 5.94 per cent. All are above the average.

Oil sank as Japans worst earthquake in at least a century shut refineries. The yen rallied as investors bought the domestic currency as a haven.

The en trend shoes that filled my closet now get me looks and not the kind that say heprivate healHealth fund premiums jump againy great shoes mate.

The Health Minister said one fund, Australian Unity, declined to reduce its planned increase and she&8217;d therefore refused to approve any rise yet.

&8216;&8216;During the premium process I asked 17 of the 35 health funds to resubmit their applications, which helped reduce the premium increase for 7.9 million Australians,&8217;&8217; Ms Roxon said today.

The views from the upper levels of Grosvenor Place stretch all the way from the city centre to the Heads.

Medibank Private is slightly lower than the average with an increase of 5.35 per cent. MBF, HBA and Mutual Community&8217;s premiums will jump by 5.14 per cent from April.


private healHealth fund premiums jump again,Costs will jump an average of 5.57 per cent. That translates to an extra $1.61 a week for individuals paying $1500 a year and $3.21 a week for milies with a $3000 policy.

A big chunk of Australias greenhouse gas emission cuts this decade is meant to come by way of a switch from coal-fired power stations to gas.

&8216;&8216;I am not satisfied that Australian Unity has done all they can to ensure their customers get a reasonable deal so I&8217;ll be asking them to go back and reconsider their position,&8217;&8217; she said.

Ms Roxon said the premium hike would have been higher without her intervention.

Benefits paid out to members of health funds jumped 7.7 per cent in 2009/10 to $12.2 billion.

This week we look at another potentially adoptable self-managed super trustee identity, the value investor.

The latest flare-up of politicking over putting a price on carbon shows just how difficult it will be to gain sufficient community agreement .

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