Precautions for patients with epilepsy

We all know that epilepsy is a terrible disease, in daily life, resulting in epilepsy for many reasons. So in the end of life of epilepsy in the note, what does? This problem has to be the prime concern of patients. Epilepsy patients and their families as patients with epilepsy should be aware of what precautions and do preventive work.
Beijing Haihua epilepsy expert, said specialty hospitals, the treatment of epilepsy want to shorten the time to speed up the recovery, in addition to the daily care of patients with epilepsy, the epileptic patient is nursed back to their top priority. Note that in patients with epilepsy to have some respect? Read about the daily life of epilepsy patients should pay attention to five aspects, as follows:
(1) optimism: Practice has proved that mental stress, despair, etc. can promote seizures. Most of the patients due to chronic recurrent seizures, and discrimination in society and some people despair. With a good state of mind, actively cooperate with the doctor, insist on long-term treatment, most patients can be cured rather than basic life like normal people.
(2) work and rest: the heavy physical labor, excessive mental tension, extreme sports can be induced by epilepsy. Therefore, patients with epilepsy should be noted that any work, school, community learning in children with epilepsy should not be too high, the study of adult patients do not overstrain and fatigue, to avoid seizures.
(3) Diet: eat too much or hunger, and one-time drink lots of water can induce epilepsy. Therefore, must be reasonable nutrition, diet and restrained, to avoid hunger or fullness, or one-time drink lots of water. In addition, drinking tea, eating foods containing large amounts of caffeine such as chocolate can make seizures, these are also considerations in patients with epilepsy.
(4) regular follow: anti-epileptic treatment throughout the process should be carried out under the guidance of doctors, and regular follow medical examination and necessary laboratory examinations. Antiepileptic therapy should be started 1-2 months once a week return visit, 3 months after the referral can be 1 month for each referral clinics should carry cards or medical records for medical reference.
(5) refrain from smoking: tobacco can induce seizures, particularly the harmful effects of alcohol more, chronic alcoholism can cause structural and functional changes of the cerebral cortex, so that epileptic seizures. Long-term alcohol addicts stop drinking suddenly can cause seizures, antiepileptic drugs alcohol can speed up the metabolism, lower blood concentrations of reduced efficacy. Therefore, all the epilepsy patients should be forbidden to drink alcohol and alcoholic beverages.
Read the contents of the text above, I believe we have some of the problem to understand Beijing Haihua epilepsy experts pointed out that the specialty hospitals, bearing in mind the precautions in these seizures can cure the disease at an earlier time, to avoid the recurrence of epileptic seizures.

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