Points to note the daily diet of children with epilepsy

Epilepsy in children diet has long been one of concern. Younger children with epilepsy, but is curious about everything, see what to do. However, some food to eat may cause seizures, so that parents can not be loved by children, let’s buy them. Therefore, parents of children with epilepsy epilepsy in children must learn to pay attention to what diet to help children get healthy.
Beijing Haihua epilepsy expert, said specialty hospitals, in children with epilepsy diet, some food for the children, the seizures have a certain influence. Some of which are somewhat alkaline food, children can be induced by epileptic seizures, some are somewhat acidic foods can inhibit the onset of epilepsy in children. Therefore, the scientific and rational diet of children with epilepsy, patients can not only supply enough nutrition, but also the control of the disease play a positive role. Notice of epilepsy in children eating from the following aspects:
First, eat less salt and more into the acid.
Available to the body acidic foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6 and so on, is conducive to the synthesis of neurotransmitters, which make up for epilepsy patients, especially patients with primary epilepsy in children lack of some neurotransmitters and reduce the seizures. Eating epilepsy in children generally are: peanuts, walnuts, pork, beef, chicken, ducks, geese, fish, shrimp, eggs and so on. Epilepsy patients can adjust their diet accordingly, a reasonable match.
Another study shows that: the onset of epilepsy in children is due to nerves caused by excessive discharge, and when the body of excessive intake of salt within a short time, the high concentration of sodium can cause excessive discharge of neurons to induce seizures, so people often Jinjin Music Road "salt and more vinegar," the good health of children with epilepsy diet still apply.
Second, eat more beans, cereals.
Research has shown that legumes and cereals (such as soybeans, lentils, wheat, etc.) are rich in trace elements manganese, and a survey: eating epilepsy in children should eat more beans and grains, can add to the uptake of manganese in patients with epilepsy in children inadequate. According to another study showed that: there is a certain amount of normal brain cell phosphatase substances, but the brain of patients with epilepsy a serious lack of this enzyme, while the sprouts are rich in nitro-phosphatase substances, it can supplement phosphatase eating bean sprouts lack of remission of disease.
Third, control of drinking water.
Liquid water between the brain regulate the body’s center, plenty of fluids into the body, will increase the burden of the midbrain. And induce epilepsy. Some children with epilepsy and often in the process of holding back urine, sudden onset, it is because of excessive drinking, the cause of bladder over-filling, resulting in a strong electrical impulses, induced due to abnormal discharge of neurons.
Notice of epilepsy in children eating quite a lot, it relates to children’s health and prognosis of patients with epilepsy. If the care and attention, there are again likely to cause epileptic seizures, epilepsy in children cause serious harm.

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