[person with “TCM theater] for the stomach gas”

Referring to the digestive function of the gastrointestinal primarily.Flatulence in digestive function of the Lord drop, combined with the main temper.

The spirit middot barnado &; tasty article ldquo “point out: &;Both the derrnatopathy together gas into the stomach.& rdquo;A person with gastric gas for this, meaning digestive function to a certain extent the general representing patients that disease-resistant ability, in the body’s special flatulence importance.Therefore, in the traditional does pay attention both to protect & ldquo;Flatulence & rdquo;, the so-called: & ldquo;There is born, flatulence without flatulence die & rdquo;Strong for function of intestines and stomach, “when in the debilitating prescription to avoid harm lapactic, with the extreme of drugs flatulence.Refers to the flatulence, pulse pulse with flatulence for this, the normal float pulse condition not sink, rushing xu, calmly gentle, rhythms consistent, called a & ldquo;Flatulence & rdquo;.


Ldquo; explain & medicineQi-blood & rdquo;role

TCM speak what blood-stasis?

Chinese medicine theory and ldquo;Duan fujin’s understandings & rdquo;

Quot; drug & medicine18 quot; against the 19th fear &

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