Patrinia – detoxifying drainage of medicine

Patrinia Valerianaceae perennial herbs of patrinia scabiosaefolia Fisch, patrinia grass. Micro-cold, spicy, bitter, clearing drainage, promoting blood circulation and resolving Carbuncle. Indications of acute appendicitis, abdominal pain, Erysipelas, postpartum abdominal pain, boils and carbuncle masses and acariasis. Modern research has shown that inhibitory effect of Herba patriniae on staphylococci, streptococci and other, and anti-virus, to prevent the degeneration of liver cells, spironolactone Portal circulation, speed up the regeneration of liver cells. Here are several Patrinia-dominated common prescription of drugs.

<p&gt of treatment of acute appendicitis; Patrinia, semen coicis rice 30 g, aconite, rhubarb, 9 grams. Water service, 2 doses per day.

treating acute icteric hepatitis

fresh Patrinia 50 grams, Herba artemisiae scopariae, Kai Huang Cao, plantain, 30 grams, water clothes. 1-2 every day.

treating postpartum abdominal pain (pain)

Patrinia 30 grams, Angelica sinensis, Radix paeoniae Rubra each 10 grams, chuanxiong, frankincense 9 grams. Water service, 1-2 agents every day.

treating sore swollen Furuncle and carbuncle, Erysipelas, acariasis parties

take fresh Patrinia 50-100 g, 50-100 grams of fresh dandelion. Wash smash together, compress over 2 times a day.

treatment of mumps and mammary inflammatory

fresh Patrinia 50-100 g, fresh and a little red (foot-and-goat grass) 50-100 g, 50-100 grams of fresh dandelion. Wash the three mash, topical lesion, 2 times a day.

treating dysentery

fresh Patrinia 100 grams of fresh pulsatilla 50 g, 15 g of coptis chinensis. Water service, 2-3 agents every day.

treating pain and swelling in the throat

Patrinia, Kong Megan 30 grams, arctium 9 grams, Silver Flower 15 g, 12 g of Hypericum perforatum. Water service, 1-2 agents every day.

Patrinia fresh product can be used for edible wild vegetables, to prevent sores boil and various skin diseases to help. Because of this character from the cold, the deficient cold of spleen and stomach or abdominal pain and diarrhea should eat less or no food.

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