Origin of traditional Chinese medicine and go

Chess is a pure sense of Oriental culture.It did not produce in the west, just like the western no meridian theory as well.If the Chinese big culture idea whereby a root cane, then go and the Chinese medicine is this line of cane of the two melons.Follow the context to comb their vines, you will find chess is in TCM diagnosis of disease, but is playing chess.

Mr. Wu in chang guide the 21st century, emphasize the weiqi of one of the most fundamental concept, that is balanced.We don’t have to comment on this idea of new and old.Have a look at first, why Mr. Wu put an ancient has concept called the 21st century go.In fact, this kind of chang guide of the 21st century is an impetuous atmosphere go appear a diagnosis, but also by hefty bonus to stimulate out not only as the rest of the outcome, a treatment.And Chinese medicine, it is also the best balance concept and neutralization interpretation.Huangdi said Yin pingyang secret, spirit is the cure.And in front of medical and chess will also is a common topic that is for the traditional Chinese medicine, many is a physical west.Chinese medicine health and pure Chinese medicine diagnosis way, slowly become weak, followed by is designed square ZhuanBing.Traditional Chinese medicine treatment with the west and dialectical thinking matter quietly elastic.So healers who becomes the nayao setter.TCM due to the weakness of the deep cultural connotations east becomes regret, unfortunately the same of backbone atrophy, followed by weiqi with urgent work more snobbish.In fact become would rather spend hundreds of yuan heal slight cold and chuck cheap regimen and value of a few cents, while those for chess ephedra such as wu, rare lee type indifferent, much is quick force, hercules, such as death star siblings.

Mention China traditional culture seems to leave a word, what Chiang kai-shek, neutralization, moderation, moderate.Confucius so explained his golden mean follow one’s inclinations and torque, and go not more than first vegetable pursuit of it is this realm with ecstasy.So this state and the idea what source?Origin lies in their unified in personal to fix for the above all.Huangdi said the ancient sage teach captains under nihility, indifferent to also from within the naive, spirit, disease Ann never kept.Based on volunteers to spare and less mind without fear, and fractal fatigue tirelessly, gas in order to arrange, from every one from its appetite, all have to want.The “cloud in the chess, wonderful and fascinated station, it is unknown, don’t bother thinking with ecstasy, and burning in orders means natural million, according to, so sit.Both the state law that lets a person deep, describing be explained.In this money society, people can do it pure in heart?Tao is claiming must first Ann poverty, Ann who have not necessarily can attain enlightenment is not to have to, poor, poor just inner life LiLian transition, just so that we can make the seekers setbacks.

I think such a problem, if a person feels way, never get sick, whether can be of heaven and earth and life, living forever?This is a medical problem, but also a philosophical question, its meaning is ever such a person, always true, and forever survive?Like a person can always wrong, then he will never move is a winner?Whatever the problem is formed will be sad to see forever, unexpectedly is a deadly wrong!Echoing what out?The original is philosophical metaphysics absolutes, is medical solitary Yin not born solitary Yang not long.At the time, also made very in mutiny, so-called, like earth cannot become extreme.it to build higher Everest and put all the debris pile into a mountain, by then, see the earth from the moon would have no Everest, the whole earth is a long thin blue sheol.Imagine such a thing to survive in a spherical within the universe?So they collapse die then in his internal began, it is a simple, but easy to make us through solution deep implication, will make us darling produce such idea, that is winning, was extremely is ridiculous move made?On the other hand, we have confirmed that the history of negation of negation, spiral of reason.Wu balance concept and history, and this isn’t similar views on his ehoice type, but today the roma wind acme known for a negative, is a kind of life go deep introspection.With the name as a goal, it is weiqi shortsighted.If you give a person very much wealth, his interest how?This reverse thinking, and to guide us to move on the accomplishment.Fix with keep are Chinese medicine health views.But health whatever techniques, end finally loose and quiet, quiet and above nature.So, one mind and body loose after appearing not lost to attack?There are still won after?Literally understood there were, in fact, they’re not the case study, health, is the fundamental adjusted, and it’s the limited life state for maximum efficiency to make.Pine is to not loose, static in order not to be quiet.No plastic pieces kept not only attack that sooner or later, the survival state doesn’t adjust crumbled, but instead of desires, the outside of the wounded inner really yuan.Keep is to attack, calm is to exert greater advantage, life path that close nature.

In the field of medicine such as military there throughout the fight, and go as said sand table by people consensus, chess, Richard tong art of the technique is also the art of diagnosis.Chinese ancient precept urgent for the standard, slow, because they cut its and chess that focus on big games said urgent.Both around light and heavy, slow, the anxious for articles.Chess person, rival is disease;The doctor’s opponent, disease is.Treating illnesses are going to close their potential, with certainty equivalent maximization model reveal its especially.We can’t always rely on odd recruit, GuaiZhao, strange medicine, medicine, it is complied with the progress of the disease, can’t always expect law a recruit a type will disease healing.When recognizing disease development situation, right after they can cure especially.Such as medical mention pot law of jie cover.From the Angle of attack and keep it, TCM is Daniel gave a full play chess, such as the law, boosting of middle-earth is kept for attack.YiGongWeiShou because gm is general.Medical diseases are vital life event, so for proiders should also be like chess, appropriate intention is deep and the pure, in order to save the trust by, then to win, not to do it.Strike left then see right, tapping before, but after the attack zhanquan not hurt is, and boosting not tease out a correct premature.Chess house in the abdomen, the clouds in the XiaZhe who, in the corner.So, why in the stomach?Actually this refers to the overall concept, the chess from global on hold the ShengJi, this and its five whole concept of Yin and Yang wisenews is same, can do for providers of instant gratification, JiaoTongYiJiao vindication of the five zang-organs, peddles unionizing and cold, Yin and Yang, the comprehensive governance considerations.And the XiaZhe is kept in hexagrams, is as 6.1% since born in little land.So analogy, needn’t enumeration.

Of course, this is me, a medical person with go to the identity 杂谈 fans of not good at chess, healers who cut, but xiao chess medical mystery can be broken for defects.Chess; but who don’t fine traditional Chinese medicine, can increase individual university.hense showdown, fix for the super JiangQi move from earlier. Set offMedical or chess or are pointing to us about how to understand the national culture on the problem of knowledge and deepen.The traditional go essence and haven’t lost, wu, witness lee, traditional Chinese medicine concept also haven’t lost, but the doctor asked a long way to go, its fix my generation when fluctuation to far, explorations.

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