Opened “getting old as the Pearl becoming yells” the mysteries of

we all will have heard of a term, that what this idiom means? and how to look at the phenomenon of traditional Chinese medicine. Today I and learn with you.

modern Chinese dictionary getting old as the Pearl becoming yells (one getting old as the Pearl becoming yellow) refers to people of old age is not respected, as long as worthless yellow beads. Especially women. Also refers to old useless.

source out &Bull; Lanling smiles second &ldquo back the Jin Ping Mei cihua; my wife was young, turning day is it, not like I was getting old as the Pearl becoming yells is not worth the money at all.

how mind, the eyes are the window

in the modern Chinese dictionary “ getting old as the Pearl becoming yells ”, that is its real intention. Learn from the health, people too old, it must be the Pearl yellow. Here “ Pearl ” may not referring to the intention of the Pearl, but the eyes.

why people to old, eyes brown? we all know, the eyes are the Windows of the soul. From a person’s eyes, can see that the change of human internal organs of the body as a whole. From the standpoint of traditional Chinese medicine, black eyed people outside the pupil represents the kidney of a ring, representing liver white eyes, eyelids represents canthus represents the eyes inside and outside of the lung heart on behalf of the spleen. OK, one eye, you see the five Zang-organs of the human body, you’re eyes are the Windows of the soul?

modern medicine considers people’s eye has a thin layer of transparent film on the surface, called the conjunctiva. After a long affected by ultraviolet rays, dust and other pollution, produces adverse reaction of pigmentation. Agglomeration into massive macular pigment in conjunctiva, seen from the surface, white eye dark yellow substance appears slightly raised, black eye became more cloudy. Humans to suffer from environmental stimuli are cumulative, older people more prone to phenomena of conjunctival pigmentation, and thus also have “ getting old as the Pearl becoming yells ” a said.

the human eye is like a part of the camera. Eye retinal as camera negatives in General, and the eye of the cornea and lens and camera lens, focusing the role of. Normal lens of about one centimeter diameter, as a small peanut, except that it is flat and is transparent. As soon as age increases, transparency would reduce water crystal, slowly becoming turbid, milky white, little more serious because the water crystal aging nuclear and cytoplasmic part and turn yellow in the Middle, which is commonly known as “ getting old as the Pearl becoming yells ”.

when it comes to the eye, we carefully look at the people around you, look at the children. You will find the child’s eyes, most of them are transparent, why? because most of the children of congenital renal qi is enough, no body so much garbage, why look so lovely, so pure, even make you want to kiss twice.

we’ll take a look at the side of the old man, why the old Pearl yellow? in fact, old people, refuse, we will have more body, just like our old House, garbage will be much more than in the new House. These garbage while in blood, but in the end, without exception, to be reflected in the eyes, eyes capillaries of the richest, most thin skin around the eyes, so garbage in the blood can best communicate outward through the eyes, it best represents most health changes at the end of the human body. Therefore, old people, those beads of yellow things, is the blood of waste.

many women makeup, do some cosmetic surgery, but that improved the appearance of the skin or face only, it will not improve the eye itself, is the eye. Therefore, no matter how hard you make-up, I from your eyes, you can see your Vitale.

when it comes to Vitale, I’m here to say a few words. People, love to say this man is spirit. How can this understanding it? the spirit must be seen from his eyes. If binocular light, that this will be very spiritual.

now many young people, long-term use computers, don’t sleep at night, if he is talking to you, you will feel his eyes are blurred, which is not God. Why did not God?

God is our external things, material basis of it is fine, the fine, is from our congenital renal Qi and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome of spleen and stomach gas. Spirit spirit, only fine enough, God will manifest. If this person, lack of congenital renal Qi, then the function of spleen and stomach is bad, then stay up late, you will see it without the eyes of the eyes must be God. And those qigongshi, the regular movement of people, good blood circulation, nutrition adequate, enough sleep, the eyes must be God.

eye mainly reflected on a black eye. If you well liver and kidney function, black eyed will be black if you don’t stay up early to bed and early to rise and exercise more, eat mostly plants, that your eye from the ball will be clean, not so much the streaks. And white, you say that your eyes can see no God?

say eyelids. Many elderly people, have a pouch. In fact, in traditional Chinese medicine in the upper and lower eyelid, on behalf of the spleen, splenic within the main muscle, spleen, transport of bad meat lacks flexibility, eyelidsNaturally take a pull. Of course there are also some people, congenital eye bag, that’s a different story.

sum up due to the human eye, represents the function of human internal organs of the body, therefore, after the old, spam increased in the blood, combined with our operational capacity variation, cannot be the rubbish metabolism in time out, eyes naturally yellow, yellow here is garbage in the blood. When getting old as the Pearl becoming yells out, people it’s hard to look up. If we want old beads not yellow, it is necessary to start from a young age, learning way.

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