Old turtle capable point what? Can become a “fan” eat drugs

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old turtle capable when “ meals ” eat the medicine

also known as turtle, turtle, soft-shelled turtle, trionyx tortoise, is a favorite a delicious food. In China’s traditional cuisine, dishes all fried Braised turtle in turtle, and so on. Turtle skirt (that is, the surrounding soft parts) nutrition and taste the best, turtle feet webbed the calorie content of the highest, very delicious taste. Turtle meat than other food expensive in foreign countries.

according to the determination of modern nutritionists: per 100 grams of turtle meat, contain protein 16.5 1.6 grams, fat 1 g, carbohydrate grams, and there are elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, and a large amount of effective substances such as b vitamins and vitamin a, is ideal for high protein, low fat foods. It is not only easy to absorb, and high heat production, and role of promoting blood circulation.

high use, worth of turtles in medicine, whole body can be medicinal. Carapace of soft-shelled turtle, herbal medicine named “ biejia ”, taste salty, flat. Into the liver, spleen, kidney three. Divided into Turtle and sunburn biejia; use the turtle through the gum, said “ turtle rubber ” more clocks, and valuable strong agent of nourishing yin and supplementing blood. Head, trionyx turtle meat, blood, and so can be used to cure diseases. Turtle contains gelatin, protein quality, iodine and vitamin d and other ingredients, good nourishing yin, with the exception of heat, Jie and Xiao PI, nourishing the kidney, invigorating effects such as bone, blood stasis and regulating menstruation, swelling of the spleen, in addition to tuberculosis elimination heat. But Yang deficiency of spleen and stomach, loss of appetite, bowels pulpy and pregnant women avoid serving a turtle, turtle meat, turtle plastic. Here are a few recipe: </p>

Fritillaria live turtle turtle 500 grams, bulbus fritillariae cirrhosae 5 grams, chicken soup with 1000 ml. Salt and cooking wine, onions, ginger and wild pepper adequate. Turtle slaughter, head and internal organs, slab, placed in the bowl, jiabeimu, salt and cooking wine, pepper, ginger and onions to steam for 1 hour. This menu of nourishing yin and supplementing lung. Apply to cough due to Yin deficiency, low thermal, night sweats. Healthy food can dispel diseases of the body.

turtle trionyx cream 500 g (wash water), Radix glehniae 120 grams, Radix rehmanniae Preparata, ophiopogon japonicus, 180 gram, white Poria 90 grams, pericarpium citri reticulatae 30 grams. 50 with water bowls, frying takes 10 bowls, dregs of decoction of compound decoction, filter out juice, small fire boiled paste, plus condensed honey 120 g collection. Sooner or later every day serving a number of spoons, water swallowing. Applied to bone-steaming hot flashes, condyle bother fever, coughing blood.

Cordyceps jujube steamed turtle turtle meat 500 grams, Cordyceps sinensis 10 grams, jujube 20 grams, cooking wine 30 ml, salt, and onion, and ginger, and garlic the moderation, plus chicken soup for the 1000 ml, with steamed cooked, MSG seasoning, Min number times edible, even food number agent, applies Yu lumbar knee still ached, and nocturnal emission, and impotence, and premature ejaculation, and hand unable to, and hemorrhoids, and menstrual does not adjusting, and leucorrhea more, syndrome.

pork soup with turtle turtle meat and pork (lean) amount of the product with the cooking, continued for a few times, treating women menopause.

pork intestine stewed soft-shelled turtle trionyx head head 3, pork intestine head 1, broth suit, continued for a few agents, treatment of anal prolapse.


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