Often people who drink should be standing in the family antialcoholic drug

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people who drink should be standing in the family often antialcoholic drug

modern people socializing more, ultimately, in the wine business on the table, are friends. Excessive drinking can cause fatty liver, Hyperlipidemia and alcoholic liver disease. Therefore, suggest that you also is moderate drinking. This article recommended herbs for the month of several jiejiu:

rhizoma imperatae: also known as grass roots, its sweet flavor, from the cold, into the lungs, stomach, bladder, with cold blood to stop bleeding, effect of heat-clearing and diuretic. Preparation of rhizoma imperatae 15~30 grams, water service, available to relieving alcoholism.

flower of kudzuvine: on pueraria lobata unopened buds. Its sweet flavor, ping, in the spleen, stomach, and has the effect of activating spleen by relieving alcoholism. Mainly used for drinking to excess of headache, dizziness, syncope, heave, vomit filled acid water, desirable flower of kudzuvine 10~15 grams of water service. Hangover jiejiu Fang Gehua solutions in traditional Chinese medicine soup, is based on the flower of kudzuvine drug for you.

Mulberry: also known as mulberry, its sweet flavor, cold, heart, liver and kidney, with nourishing yin and supplementing blood, raw and Tianjin traditional effect. The compendium of Materia Medica records of stamp juice drink of relieving alcoholism. Jiejiu desirable fresh Mulberry 150 grams against taking juice.

smoked: properties acids, flat, into the liver, spleen, lung, colorectal, and astringing lung fluid and other effects. Can be used to treat lung deficiency cough, purging of dysentery and fever of deficiency type of diabetes for a long time for a long time. Because of its sour flavorShengjinzhike, drunken syncope can be solutions. Get smoked 30 grams of water service.

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