Of small series to introduce you to several good porridge Enron Midsummer

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of small series to introduce you to several good porridge Enron midsummer

think of traditional Chinese medicine, summer summer primary gas, is a fiery, cold summer months, in addition to cold symptoms, often both a synopsis of evil special symptoms. Summer-Yang Xie, its hot and therefore susceptible to high fever, excessive thirst, sweating; summer rose, easy-injured Jin-gas consumption and weak nerves and urine yellow deficient, shortness; summer with dampness, susceptible to Burnout, heavy limbs, extremities half congealed thin chest Oh bad, stool, increasing the difficulty of treatment. Describes some gruel treatment side, effect obvious, patients may wish to try.

</strong&gt watermelon skin porridge; 250 g of fresh watermelon, amount of rice, cooked porridge with water, drink.

</strong&gt Mint porridge; Mint 10 g (30~60 g of fresh), 50 grams of rice, wash the fresh mint, chopped, into porridge ingestion, 1 per day, 3-5 day in a row.

gypsum bamboo leaf congee gypsum 60 g, 15 g of bamboo leaves, 50 gram of rice, sugar a little. Plaster, water take the juice of bamboo leaves, increasing the rice boiled rice water, then seasoned with sugar ingestion, 2~3 times a day.

</strong&gt lotus leaf congee; fresh Lotus Leaf 1, 100 grams of rice, sugar amount. Lotus Leaf wash, cut wires, water take juice alternate. Another rice boiled rice water until cooked SI Cho in Lotus leaf juice, sugar, boil,1~2 times a day.



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