Of garlic helps improve male function

Garlic pure help improve man born sexual dysfunction

Spring is rebirth, according to the human body unique physiological characteristics, in this season, the men who eat raw garlic will be most useful to reproductive health.Many people advocate of spring eat more garlic, because bacteria was & ldquo;Frozen & rdquo;A winter, garlic natural antiseptic effect can then come in handy.Actually to male friends are concerned, garlic and another excellent benefits & mdash;& mdash;Can let sperm volume increased significantly.

Gu fang TCM experts say, although there is no specific laboratory data, but Chinese medicine theory and clinical are proof, garlic as positive and edible food, stimulate male hormone effect without doubt.Sperm count for scarce confirmed the men, every eat one to two clove of garlic, one day only eat once, eat two to three months in hospital, can detect sperm quantity has obvious rise.

Garlic let people & ldquo;Long spirit & rdquo;, still more than so simple.Spring is the season of bodily function is the most exuberant.Garlic in the creatinine is the main part of the muscle activity, garlic allicin and vitamin B1 in common produces garlic thiamin, can eliminate fatigue, enhance physical strength.Garlic health care function also includes promote metabolism, lower cholesterol and triglyceride content, and have lower blood pressure, fall blood sugar, so the effect of high blood pressure, high blood fat, arteriosclerosis and diabetes have certain curative effect.

Many people do not want to eat garlic breath smoked people feared the.Gu fang TCM experts recommend is to eat garlic, chew tea, especially after the most see effect and scented tea drinking.In addition, warm milk in the mouth will contain a moment, and then slowly swallow, also can effectively eliminate peculiar smell.In fact, more should pay attention to eat garlic breath, is not edible taboo: physique weaker person, eat garlic once one or two disc can, heat easily otherwise.In addition, garlic in the morning and noon eat better, because garlic in evening eat more stimulating nose, pharynx and gastric mucosa.


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