When Cape Dorset suffered months of shootings and homicides last year, the whole country eventually sat up and took notice of Nunavut’s deteriorating social conditions.

The shocking triple-murder for which Chris Bishop was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole for 16 years flowed directly from the culture of booze, dope and violence that r too many Nunavut youth have embraced.

1. The Meadowbank gold mine

2. Sheila Fraser’s report on GN human resources

Calm down,

Let me putNunatsiaqOnline it another way. They built a house for $5 when they could have done it for $2 and now everybody has to pay the overcost of $3 whether they want to or not.

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9. The Nunavut Housing Corp. construction debacle

We should not congradulate everyone at the NHC for mismanaging a project.

10. The Qikiqtani Truth Commission’s final report

This four-day inquest, held in Cambridge Bay this past April to determine why Julian Tologanak-Labrie, 20, leapt to his death from an aircraft flying between Yellowknife and Cambridge Bay in 2009, produced many recommendations, including a recommendation that the Nunavut and Ndepartment of health vacancies in eastern capeorthwest Territories governments take a long hard look at their mental health laws.

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When Leona Aglukkaq ran for Parliament in 2008, she sensed, accurately, that for most Nunavut residents the cost of living is the biggest issue. Nutrition North Canada, announced May 21, is her response.

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#3.Posted by Emil Eyford on January 05, 2011

I think it’s about time we stop badgering the Nunavut Housing Corp, has anyone stopped to think that those cost overruns helped (and are helping) to put more houses and apartments in Nunavut communities? I say we congratulate NHC for standing up and spending the money toward housing Nunavummiut and trying to alleviate the overcrowding crisis that leads to so many of Nunavut’s social and health problems. So cut the unnecessary t and continue to pour more money into building more housing units that are so badly needed in our territory.

This story likely got less coverage than it should have last year, because the Auditor General of Canada’s report, released March 18, goes to the very heart of what ails the Government of Nunavut. Her report makes it clear that unless the GN learns how to hire, train and evaluate workers, the quality of government in Nunavut will never improve.

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#10.Posted by Emil Eyford on January 07, 2011

Yes, I am scared of getting fired. They don’t have parades for whistleblowers. Just pink slips.

Here’s our list of the top 10 news stories last year.

I’m just wondering why the GN should punish the whole population of Nunavut for Nunavut Housing Corporation’s debacle with cuts to services and budgets across Nunavut, why not just get the Housing Corp to pay for its mistakes with 50% cut to senior managements pay and t pension benefits and move its financial decision arm over to Department of Finance?

6. The crisis in Cape Dorset

4. Nutrition North Canada

7. The inspiring words of Jose Kusugak

Send letters to:

If everyone was aware of all the back room deals that go on and the amount of people that are hired that have no idea what they are doing it would scare you. I have personally seen it believe me. I agree with Raymond that Nunavumuit end up with the short end of the stick every time. Way to many decisions being made by senior management and middle management who aren’t even from Nunavut, or staying here and could care less. These decisions hurt people with milies in Nunavut and causes the whole structure of government to become less effective. I challenge the Government (Minister and MLAs) to review the dealings of Directors, ADMs, and DMs: review thier documents, financial s and emails. Make them have accountabilty for what they are doing and how it effects Nunavut. If they are not doing the job they were hired for ship them out the door; enough corruption, vours, and the “oh he is a good guy” (who does nothing) attitude! It only hurts Nunavut, the government system and the people. Cut the t out and get back to doing things right. Otherwise things will continue to get more out of hand and with more adverse effects for Nunavumuit.

After learning that’s he suffers from terminal cancer, Jose Kusugak, now the president of the Kivalliq Inuit Association, inspired people throughout Nunavut the circumpolar world with his sunny disposition and his forthright acknowledgment of his disease.

#9.Posted by Raymond Kaslak on January 07, 2011

Human Resources should be included in that group that pays.

Ray you are def right too, it is so sad that we cannot work together with honest open communication towards a better Nunavut instead we have to be fearful of payback from whomever does wrong because somehow they have enough deep seeded GN connections (vors) to hurt Nunavut and the people working for the GN. I dream one day of a Nunavut free from these people and their evil ways.

In a year when good news was scarce, this was a big piece of good news for Nunavut in 2010. Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd. poured its first gold bar Feb. 27. By the time they officially opened the mine in June, the company had already created hundreds of jobs for Inuit in Baker Lake and the Kivalliq region.

Ok What I understand where you are coming from totally and I respect that. I had everything stripped from my mily and I by these people (and their vicous little circle) so you are right. My job, house, Trucks, Hondas and cabin…all gone in a few months… Note-Not one Inuk ever screwed me around in all of it….it was all people from down south.

#5.Posted by Raymond Kaslak on January 06, 2011

Why don’t people just put their real names down on these comments? Are you scared someone will see who you really are? Who cares! Stand up and put your name to your opinion…if no one stands up for what is right nothing will ever change.

It is a bummer when your own government betrays its trust and starts turning on you for excercising the most fundamental icon of democracy, the freedom of expression.

8. The coroner’s inquest into the death of Julian Tologanak-Labrie

I read NunatsiaqOnline because…it allows for reader input and comments on stories which adds a greater depth to the stories than the news is able to give of space and authorship issues.

We still don’t know how much influence it will have, but the Qikqitani Truth Commission’s final report, released Oct. 20, helps everyone understand the historical events that scarred the lives of Inuit for generations.

It’s likely that many government programs will suffer cuts because of the Government of Nunavut’s need to pay off the $110 million in cost overruns that the Nunavut Housing Corp. ran up on its two big social housing construction programs. This debacle provided all Nunavut residents with a perfect illustration of the kinds of disasters that the GN’s understaffed and underskilled work force is capable of.

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3. The Chris Bishop homicide trial

Except for some small funding programs, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. doesn’t actually run anything that directly affects anyone’s life, but its presidency carries much prestige. So when NTI’s president is alleged to be abusing Inuit money, it’s always big news.

Eastern Arctic residents are likely to remember 2010 as a year marked by social breakdown and scandal, mitigated only by the rise of the mining industry as an alternative to government employment.

#7.Posted by Emil Eyford on January 06, 2011

A sense of rightousness does not feed milies.

We do not get more houses because of the overrun. We get the same number of houses as planned, but we get to pay more.

6. The Paul Kaludjak credit card scandal

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