newfoundlandThe future is in our past

Perhaps, if we scratched the suce, we might find that things are not so rosy. More people are using food banks, which might suggest we are not so well off. Even the CBC turkey drive seemed a bit slower than usual.

While Danny was there, the CEO of Eastern Health had weighed in on the doctors dispute in anything but a concilinewfoundlandThe future is in our pastatory tone leaving one to wonder how much has changed since she arrived on the scene.

Dnewfoundland eastern healthanny left people to wonder about the healthcare system when he chose to go to the United States for his heart surgery. Didnt he realize that if he had needed emergency care after the surgery he might have been forced to rely on provincial doctors? Healthcare is always tricky, as one is never certain that things will go well.

Stores across Canada ran out of hard bread for fish and brewis. You cant get much worse than that!

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Contrary to what the CEO may think, wielding the big stick does not inspire confidence in healthcare. As well, Cyclosporine drug errors didnt add much to the ith people have in Eastern Health.

Its hard to believe that 10 years have passed since we entered the third millennium. At least, its 10 years if the third millennium started on Jan. 1, 2000. It seems we cant even agree on that seemingly minor point. Many believe it didnt start until Jan. 1, 2001.

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The departure of Danny Williams as premier was one of the most startling events of the past year. It came without warning and might have left the government floundering, Danny being a god, and all.

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Harmony and accord are better approaches. The new premiers mollifying methods leave one to wonder if she would have moved the air ambulance from St. Anthony to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, sparking despair amongst people who rely on the service.

newfoundlandThe future is in our past,Be that as it may, the time has slipped by and no great harm has come to us, as was predicted, on either of the dates. Now it seems the sky will ll in 2012. Someone is always predicting doomsday and doomsday never comes.

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What a surprise to find that Kathy Dunderdale took no time to begin tying up the loose ends that Danny had left bobbing in the wind. She barely bothered with a thought before settling a yearlong strike with 14 Burin Peninsula support workers and ordered the Health Minister to come to terms with the provinces doctors.

Newfoundland is especially blessed in this millennium. While the rest of the world is suffering through an economic downturn, we seem to getting on quite well.

Life unfolds and good and bad affect us all, in one way or another, as time goes by. As my mother used to say, We all get our turn to be happy and sad.

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