Mulberry was are Po Ah

Mulberry wearing treasure

Mulberry in China are growing, facilities and biomass, very fresh, tender green mulberry planting sericulture, ancient has ldquo, so says &;Oriental shenmu & rdquo;, & ldquo;The essence of mulberry for wood rdquo; and.SuSong introduction to April and October respectively, at the end of 2007 pounding p-propenylanisole harvested, Fried water and tea, says & ldquo;Immortals take feed square & rdquo;.Visible mulberry have nourishing action, may and the ancients observe relevant mulberry silkworm eat.Medicine commonly used a mulberry, SangZhi, mulberry, white mulberry of four.

Mulberry medicine mainly has four kinds:

mulberry& mdash;& mdash;Another name for the choic, mulberry leaf, plant moraceae mulberry after harvest in frost.The sexual taste bitter Kennedy, cold.Function, cool blood mingmu qufeng heat.Indications wind hot cold, dry cough, dizzy lung hot headache, red eyes are dim.

SangZhi& mdash;& mdash;For mulberry shoots, in late spring to early summer harvest.The sexual bitter taste, ping.Function, the arthrosis, qufeng wet do hydrosphere.Attending the wind cold dampness bi-complex JuLuan, beriberi dropsy, limbs, itchy body wind.

mulberry& mdash;& mdash;For the ear, show red mulberry when collecting purple.The sexual flavour Kennedy, cold.Boosting kidney function, zi liquid extinguish wind.Indications liver and kidney Yin kui, quench, constipation, eye shadow tinnitus, hair white, insomnia, dizziness or earlier.

White mulberry& mdash;& mdash;For the root skin, mulberry excavation in winter, but after dry honey medium-vigorous vines with char.The sexual flavour Kennedy, cold.Smooth wheezing diarrhoea lung function, ok water detumescence.Attending pulmonary hot asthmatic cough, water swelling full, urinate short, facial skin edema, etc.

SangZhi eyes, heat, mulberry qufeng dehumidification, mulberry relatively smooth wheezing, white mulberry kidney the water.

The pharmacological research proof, mulberry have hypoglycemic, step-down, lipid-lowering, strong heart, such as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial effect;SangZhi, mulberry have promoting hematopoiesis function, regulate immune function, arouse lymphocyte transformation, increased peripheral leukocytes, promote peristalsis, extend hyponotic drug time waiting for action;White mulberry have step-down, calm, fight convulsions, analgesic, cooling, antitussive, diuresis, antibacterial functions.Function is different, clinical, watch out for resolution.

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