Mistaken ideas of people understanding of traditional Chinese medicine

Known TCM

A: Chinese medicine represents misunderstanding of TCM

Some people have young students in the field that TCM theory are not clear, not science, is not practical, consensus sex less, Chinese medicine pour some practical effect, long ldquo bias &;Waste rdquo; save medicine and medical.This kind of situation of negative consequences is less healing and use more and more disorderly, or where the economic benefits, the allure of the excessive use of proprietary Chinese medicine, make Bian, needles, moxibustion, TCM non-drug therapy guide etc without animations, lost the foundation of traditional Chinese medicine.In fact, Chinese medicine exquisite namely medical namely medicine to cure take medicine, Chinese traditional medicine is according to the theory of TCM syndrome differentiation and use.Instead of traditional Chinese medicine by Chinese traditional Chinese medicine is & ldquo; letLost soul & rdquo;Cut the application of traditional Chinese medicine, direct, development and innovation, undermining the lineage of the TCM ensure national health foundation.

Erroneous zone 2: TCM is pure treatment

One of the features of traditional Chinese medicine is put to is not ill, namely regimen preventive care, the so-called & ldquo;Doctors cure the disease, traditional Chinese medicine is not ill to disease by medical doctors cure illness, already under the disease & rdquo; illness.Heavy regimen preventive care can be & ldquo;Don’t fight defeat rdquo; pawn &, let a person not sick.However, in the national various epidemic prevention system for years to see the shadow of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine become & ldquo;Will health work focuses on rdquo; treatment &This mistake of TCM education in the worst-hit areas, also ignores the heal is not ill on education, killing a TCM advantages and characteristics.

Error with western medicine three: TCM diagnosis standards

Western medicine for specific diseases will establish corresponding diagnosis standard and curative standard, for many years, have dominated the standardized mode of TCM diagnosis and the evaluation of treatment response.However, because understanding disease in different ways, this model does not accord with Chinese own rules.For example, a half mile and a half of the traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine watch disease doesn’t know, also check out, zhongyi can diagnosis and treatment.


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