Men’s health and the smell of semen

men’s health and the smell of semen

gastrointestinal fluid, blood in the semen and saliva, are part of human body fluids , Which contains a chemical called spermine, spermine is prostatic secretions contain one of many important components, with the participation of the substance in seminal vesicle fluid oxidation occurs, and issued a smell, smell it much like a taste of chestnut flowers. The smell of semen from the prostate and seminal vesicle fluid assisted out of. Therefore, if a man’s semen does not have a funny smell, it suggests that prostate function may be impaired, but needs attention.

in addition, to today’s smell remains one of important human sensory organs, so semen may also smell and human sexuality and sex-related. Although some people don’t think it’s unpleasant and disgust, but others think it’s a delicate fragrance and exciting, intense smell of semen can stimulate their sexual desire. Both the opposite feeling, with both male and female sexual level, depth of fusion of flesh, attitudes towards sex and other physiological and psychological factors are closely related.

normal semen smell is made of a chemical substance called arginine after oxidation out, much like the taste of chestnut flowers. Arg is one of the prostatic secretions contain multiple components. Oxidation of arg must be when ejaculation through sexual excitement, join by prostatic fluid secretion of the prostate and seminal vesicle fluid, interaction to produce odors. Clinical findings, if the transrectal massage of prostate secretions called “ static secretions ” or arginine-containing, but not oxidized, usually without the natural smell of semen. So normal smell ejaculation of semen from the prostate and seminal vesicle liquid help. Lack of such a special smell of semen, prostate function. Many former glands in patients with in ejaculation of semen, often sniffing the smell was not.

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