Mental Health Minister tours Maroondah Hospital?eastern heal

Strong advocacy from Kilsyth state Liberal MP David Hodgett, and Eastern Health&8217;s reputation for &8220;pushing the boundaries&8221; in terms of new ways to deliver care and services had prompted her to make the visit a priority.

&8220;It&8217;s actually a very new cility and built on best practice in terms ofMental Health Minister tours Maroondah Hospital?eastern heal how mental health services are delivered – so bright, airy, accessible, very calm,&8221; Ms Wooldridge said. &8220;We&8217;ve been talking about issues like how do you reduce the use of seclusion for people with a mental illness, and the success that Eastern Health has been having in addressing those sorts of issues.&8221;

She said the aim of her visit was to see the cility and understand what was working, the pressures and potential opportunities for the hospital and mental health services in the eastern suburbs.

Mental Health Minister tours Maroondah Hospital?eastern heal,MARY Wooldridge paid her first visit to Maroondah Hospital as Mental Health Minister on Friday.

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Mr Lilly said it was &8220;terrific&8221; to have Ms Woolridge at the hospital but that he had not asked the State Government to address any particular issues.

Ms Wooldridge toured the hospital&8217;s mental health inpatient units with Eastern Health chief executive Alan Lilly.

Minister for Mental Health Mary Wooldridge tours the Maroondah Hospital mental health unit with MP David Hodgett, Eastern Health chief executive Alan Lilly and Ben Kelly. STEVE TANNER N35MM802

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