Menopause eat what?

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review: female climacteric eats what? this is a lot of issues of concern to women entering menopause, for different treatment of patients with different drugs. Don’t give drugs and treatment of patients with mild symptoms, for serious patients can be appropriate to work with drug treatment.

female menopause eat what

General for more years with its integrated light without medication, make them aware of climacteric health care knowledge, eliminate unnecessary concerns and fears, establish a spirit of optimism, correctly deal with the reactions of menopause. At the same time, actively participate in appropriate physical exercise such as running, walking, gymnastics, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and so on. Through these activities can reduce or eliminate the symptoms.

each woman goes through menopause, a difficulty, in fact, menopause is not terrible, as long as the psychological, lifestyle, and many other prepared you can menopause has a beautiful, beautiful woman doing a style still, SINA special as you edit the menopause topics in traditional Chinese medicine, various excellent plan of traditional Chinese medicine, helping you easily through the menopause! >>> women hit the Ghost of climacteric

for more severe cases, should be based on proper use of some drugs in the treatment of different symptoms. If mental, neural aspects of symptoms such as headache, dizziness, anxiety, insomnia and other symptoms, can be service stability and 2.5-5 mg, 2-3 or miltown 100–400 mg daily, 2-3 times a day. Effects of these drugs have a calm and steady nerves. May also take goodway 10-20 mg, 3 times a day, adjusting role of autonomic nerve function. In addition, vitamin b, vitamin B complex, vitamin e and vitamin a. Adjusting the dose of these drugs is required by illness, when symptoms reduce or disappear after stopping the medicine. These therapies and medicines on climacteric syndrome have good results.

some women climacteric syndrome have such questions are going to use hormone therapy? answered should be considered. Can body similar to the young State, forever young. Was very popular with estrogen replacement therapy, but later had a controversy because of side effects. Most menopausal women, especially after checking, indicate ovarian function is normal, you do not need to use hormone therapy.


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