Men guarding the kidney as early as possible

Man should protect kidney early

Say to these things, kidney deficiency impotence seems to be adults this worry about a thing, but if in adolescence when protect the kidneys, adulthood, kidney odds is smaller.

According to relevant investigations, 20 to 45 years old, 70% of young people that the person has symptoms, 82% of kidney deficiency above than people think mental before.In reality, although these clinical ldquo shall not entirely for the &;Kidney & rdquo;, but the clinical analysis can be divided to kidney are occupied 33% above.

Life without abstemious, smoking, alcohol consumption and rest no certain laws, overwork;Indulge in sex; concupiscence, freeBad habits, such as excessive masturbation, direct damage human kidney essence, advance into premature aging.

The modern civilization with all kinds of pollution, environmental pollution, air pollution, food contamination, imaging radiation, such as noise make many toxins deposition in the human body, threat to health.For example food contamination, the food of the hormone kind material, filler is overmuch, people after eating, which is equivalent to the human body oral adrenal hormones secreted the secretion of the hormone or not less, time grew, lead to nullify this organ with adrenal, even cringe, so many people appear decreased sexual function, premature ejaculation, genital short, etc.

Drug abuse, a sick: modern humans, many drugs, they should let to kidney have damage, such as gentamycin, butyl amine card that, compound new debbi Ming etc, secondly, pesticide, fertilizer in the food of the human body, can be directly damage kidneys.

The above factors affecting imperceptible kidney ups and downs and physical health, if ignored nowadays, will become physical invisible killer.We say at ordinary times ldquo the &;Young body rdquo; hollowed out &Is this meaning.So young people also want to pay attention to protect kidney, to prevent a disease, kidney again, that is late for.


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