Medicated bath do really have a role?

Dipping really works?

(a) the whole interaction mechanism herb

The whole interaction was herb refers to the use of drugs through the skin, hole qiao, such parts of feishu absorbed directly into the meridians collaterals, lose cloth whole body blood play its pharmacological effects and.In recent years, people on the mechanism of TCM medicine bath external treatment and research unceasingly thorough, think dipping external treatment other than a drug straight into the blood circulation play itself the pharmacological function outside, and adjust the system organization organ function and the immune function of organism.At present, there is research of traditional Chinese medicine being absorbed through the skin through has the following aspects:

Firstly, the drugs through the skin mucous membrane absorption, corneous layer transhipment (including cell proliferation, cell interstitial diffusion) and skin deep transshipment and be absorbed, another hydration, make the corneous layer drugs through one or more ways into the circulation of the blood.

Secondly, the drug to local stimulation, through skin stimulation can make local herb hemal dilate, promote the blood circulation, improve nutrition surrounding tissue, thus playing a role refund swollen;Also, by drug interactions in local and cause nerve body’s own reflection stimulate adjust action, prompting the formation of certain antibodies, which can improve the body’s immune function.In summary, the skin stimulation to regulate visceral functions, prevention and cure of diseases and restore health purpose.


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