Markets burdock and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory treatment of colds

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markets burdock and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory treatment of colds

the burdock root alias “ strong child ”, is a very high nutritional value of healthy vegetables. As a crude fiber plant, it can eliminate the waste and toxins in the body, improve body circulation, have a certain role of diuretic effect, inhibits inflammation. Burdock containing 150 times times the beta-carotene are carrots, protein and calcium content in the roots of head of the class menu.

the burdock root is often to eat, the main function and Fructus arctii is not much different from, wind cooling, jiedu xiaozhong, can treat wind-heat pain and swelling in colds, cough, sore throat, constipation, tinnitus and deafness, external treating head wind HIV red swelling, heat-toxin toothache, pain and swelling in the gingiva. Difference is, burdock root to control diabetes also have a certain effect. Seeds of the burdock, arctium, steaming on the heat-toxin and throat and a cold wind-heat type effective, can be used to treat pain and swelling in the throat. Scales of arctium, platycodon grandiflorum, honeysuckle flower, chrysanthemum and licorice, each taking a little tea to drink.

longevity the Japanese are very fond of edible burdock, it can be fried, steamed black bone chicken, roast beef vegetable soup, can also be stir fried or shredded. One tablespoon contains the equivalent of a burdock Apple’s antioxidant content. It also contains important phenolic acid, can prevent certain cancers. The young leaves of burdock can eat, delicious. External application of its root mash, you can treat Carbuncles swollen pain.

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