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Management in Practice?health and c,Patient Access

Sir David Nicholson (pictured, left) said that many hosphealth and community servicesitals would have to merge with their neighbouring trusts in order to survive the changes, which could spell the end for some community-based care.

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The reforms will see commissioning responsibilities transferred from primary care trusts, which will be axed, to a consortia of GPs. Sir David will assume the role of chief executive of the NHS Commissioning Board when the reforms are implemented.

Speaking to the BBC he said: Those hospitals whose business model is based on increasing capacity have got to seriously look at the way they operate. That is why some hospitals are looking towards taking over community services.



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Partnership Issues

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The health chief described the NHSs financial situation, which will see an annual budget rise of 0.1% above inflation for the next four years, as difficult.

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He said that while the changes would mean that some services would be scaled down, the expectation was that no hospital in England would completely close.


Risk Management

Community services may be taken over by hospitals and scaled down as they Management in Practice?health and clook to survive the NHS reforms that are set to come into effect, the head of the health service has claimed.

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