Magical function of coptis chinensis

is based on &ldquo in coptis chinensis; ” called traditional Chinese medicine, cold, bitter, traditionally used for stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, dysentery due to damp-heat hot Cheng Huozhi, irritability, carbuncle of swollen sore on HIV. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that coptis chinensis contains Berberine, huanglian alkali, alkali of huanglian alkali and Palm and other chemical components, has strong antibacterial effect, along with the lowering of blood pressure, dilated blood vessels, lowering blood sugar, cholagogic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, strong heart, promote tissue healing, diuresis, analgesia, sedation, lower intraocular pressure, anticancer effects. Here for everyone to talk about the magical function of coptis chinensis:

treatment of hypertensive 0.75~4 grams a day, 3~4 oral dose, 6-14 days for 1 course. Rhizoma coptidis alkaloids in coptis chinensis with broad antimicrobial spectrum, can inhibit the Streptococcus and dilated blood vessels. For nephritis in patients with hypertension and hypertension with angina pectoris, received a double effect.

treating arrhythmia 4 times a day, oral 0.4 gram at a time. After the Excellent gradually reduced to a maintenance dose: If medication 5-7 days is invalid or not Excellent is, the amount to 0.5~0.6 grams, 4 times a day, 2-4 for 1 course.

the treatment of type 2 diabetes oral Berberine tablets 3 times a day, 0.3~0.5 grams each time.

atrophic gastritis treated with huanglian 500 gram, 500 ml vinegar (vinegar bottled for), the sugar 500 g, Hawthorn 1000 grams, plus 4,000 ml of boiling water, mixed immersion 7th may take; 3 times a day, 50 ml each time, after meals. Take 90-150 days in a row to bear fruit.

one is the treatment of ulcerative colitis of rhizoma coptidis powder under the sigmoidoscopy peep, directly into the ulcer or lesion, 1.8~2.4 grams of each medication, every other day 1, 9 to 1 course. Second, 150 ml hygiene rhizoma coptidis powder mixed in tepid water filling into the sausage, every other day to fight the 1 and 9 for 1 course. When you start to use the occasional pain, after 2~3 it will disappear.

oral rhizoma coptidis powder in treatment of diphtheria per 0.6 grams, 4~6 times a day, and 1% of coptis gargle solution. After the administration of internal energy and normal body temperature in 1-3 days, fake film average 2.6 days subsided, pharyngeal wipe cultured average 2.8 days turned cloudy.

coptis produced by treatment of foot moisture 10 g break to 250 mL boiling water immersion, after cooling Wash feet, can dip a cotton swab soaked liniment, sooner or later the 1 times a day. If Opera itch, use cotton swab soaked scrub, but it is hand scratched. Keep blisters intact during dry clean of drugs used, shoes not to wear glioma. General 5-12 days to recover.

hordeolum treated by huanglian 15 g break into the bottle and squeeze into the breast milk, drugs to immersion, soaking for 1 day, filter out the milk, painted over 3~4 times a day. General inflamed the next day fading after medication, pain-relief; swelling and elimination recovered after 3 days.


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