Magical effect of Chinese herbal medicine Mint

Mint aromatic sinell, cool and refreshing attack, has been popular.Its gas sweet non-toxic, the new practice of materia medica “will be listed in the dish department, says & ldquo;Also Campbell rdquo; raw food &.Now many throat-smoothing drugs or foods containing mint most also.

Mint sex to Zimbabwe, cool, the lungs, liver.Compendium of materia medica & ldquo;Mint zinn can diverge, cool can clear the extinction, specially designed to wind power dissipation.& rdquo;Peppermint efficacy namely evacuation wind hot, the clear leader, the throat, XieYu, clinical ShuGan mainly used in the following three aspects

Used for wind hot table syndrome differentiation of wind hot and the beginning WenBing can all have wind hot table card performance, basically have fever, micro evil cold, no sweat or a sweat, flawed headache, thirsty sore throat, pulse floating number, etc.Mint essien to scatter cool watch evil, clear through XieBiao hot, it applied to wind hot table card.This product is for Michael essien is tasted, but the cool of the force strong scattered through the sudorific effect, have certain, so for wind hot table card without khan or a sweat impeded the particularly appropriate.The medical records of every easy part in west ldquo; cloud &The TouFa cold sweat can serve for WenBing appropriate khan, the solution to medicine.& rdquo;Clinically often cooperate yinhua, fructus forsythiae, watercress is equivalent to used as representatives of wind hot cold YinQiao scattered square.

Mint QingYang xuan scattered, scanty list TouFa scattered evil, help rash.And can be used for measles, or wind hot the beginning the beam muscle table rash hair, who often clogged with watercress, burdock son, fructus forsythiae with such compatibility.

Used for the facial features prominent CDC front-man of the human body, the wind belonging to the upper QingYang uplink, the wind of heat or cold of the evil attack on all easy, appear such as headache, and other prominent red eyes haq, stuffynose runny nose, toothache, pharynx pain and other symptoms.Mint QingYang litres, can clear leader, float the throat.Ming LiShiZhen compendium of materia medica period in mint said in ldquo; andSo headaches, head wind, eyes and throat so the disease??To medicine.& rdquo;Attack on wind hot causes headache certificate mint often match chrysanthemum, a. dahurica cure headache wind hot or hot evil attack on, can cause throat pain, voice hoarse, mint for governance commonly sore throat, can match balloonflower, liquorice equal with mint aromatic XuanTong nasal opening scattered can essien, such as treatment nasal abyss, flow Ti, stuffynose impassability yellow turbidity xanthium, with (farnesol-type), a. dahurica equivalent to use.

Used for stomach, liver and certificate shall be the main factor of diseases and relaxed.Because if I sentiment, or due to illness evil intrusive, inhibit the liver, which lost in pulse factor, the diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain of will appear YuZhi certificate.Clinical expression such as chest pain, stalking, bilge full of modern TaiXi depression, good performance (note for often sigh, sigh, or have happy feeling) foreign body sensation, in women see pharynx ministry will have breast pain, menstruation, dysmenorrhea, etc performance.Mint ShuGan XieYu, can be used to treat stomach qi stag. certificate.The compendium of materia medica ldquo; new “&Mint, BuTe understanding and depressed, especially good wind.& rdquo;Light card mint can YuZhi, the person that weigh more sparsely its more products such as auxiliary entrapement.Such as square in unfettered scattered application mint, match with samples, donnell.

In addition, this product aromatic monarch, can also be used to use wet summer feeling heat caused by polluted air, swore bilge, abdominal pain, TuXie measles etc card, often employed, with HuoXiang, with white lentils equivalent.

In addition, can will take orally, used in the summer FeiZi mint topical mosquito bites, sores furuncle etc, after use cool and refreshing and comfortable.Peppermint is often used to dishes, pastry and beverage production, the product for dietotherapy commonly used.Zan Yin “food medical ldquo heart mirror cloud &;Mint Fried soy warm wine and drink soup, Fried tea, and appropriate raw food.The beneficial GaiCai who also.& rdquo;With fresh mint stem modern also by distillation balmy oil, prescription ldquo; how says &Mint iced & rdquo;Or & ldquo;Mint frost & rdquo;, function and mint approximation.

Still must pay attention, mint, have certain aromatic zinn scattered the sudorific effect of the gas, therefore, multi-purpose goods the sweaty, unfavorable virtual body use.

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