Magic tale brings us the magic of eucommia ulmoides

Magical legend bring us magical eucommia ulmoides oliv

Preaching in the long ago, one of the mountains in sichuan, people of living in poverty.Land here is poor, decade nine don’t accept, people is difficult to eat the belly, but also toiled, so many people got haunch. Wrong with painA young man called LiXiao, his parents also had a serious pain and even the haunch of get up into question, and have no money to heal, very painful.

One year winter, going to the mountains LiXiao cut in the remote mountain met one under the tree has frozen hungry coma patients.LiXiao saw hurriedly to rescue, he wrapped his own clothes would old man, and take his warm brought over the dry rations and water, let the old man eat.The old man gradually with the energy, thank you very much for this young man, so from the trees beside off some bark, he said to him, and ldquo;You take these bark, cut into filaments back with fire and stir-fry until cooked again after brown water, have therapeutic effect of waist pain.& rdquo;The old man said alone becomes a HeFaTongYan fairy weng, LiXiao hurried in to bow down, please leave your name weng fairy.Fairy weng finger trees way: & ldquo;This wood generates, normally, beside those threatened to help also had the famous, what need.& rdquo;And then they didn’t trace and shadow.

LiXiaoJiang medicine to take home, not only healed parents, and healed the village of waist ache.People ask the medicine call what, nobody knows.There is a scholar after ldquo, think of and heard;This wood generates rdquo; beside &A d word, & ldquo;People also common rdquo; andA secondary characters, is clearly surname, hence then lasalle du name will this drug called & ldquo;Eucommia ulmoides oliv & rdquo;.Magical legend bring us magical eucommia, folk subsequent games.

Traditional Chinese medicine is how to record of eucommia?

Traditional Chinese medicine, eucommia DuZhongKe deciduous trees for the dry bark, eucommia ulmoides in in most regions of China have produce, but mainly from China’s sichuan, yunnan, guizhou, hunan and hubei provinces.2000 years ago, our country’s earliest TCM classics in the root of Chinese magnoliavine was ranked ldquo eucommia ulmoides have & record;Lord waist ridge pain, fill in beneficial nutrients, strong bones and muscles, strong hellip; volunteer && hellip;Long service rdquo; so old &After the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine experts all generations, to the esteem, somewhat eucommia ulmoides already realized that the ancients fill kidney eucommia ulmoides is a strong bones and muscles antidote.

Eucommia bark, branches, leaves all contains eucommia glue, so break the elasticity of the white silk has silvery white, glue is silk and connected closely, silvery white, elastic, and korah to 1 ~ 3 centimeters to break ldquo; and it is &Silk rdquo; even wood &Said.Eucommia ulmoides oliv bitter taste, slightly smelly, chew, the beginning of a particle feeling after cotton feeling.

Eucommia ulmoides oliv not but traditional valuable Chinese herbal medicine and modern medicine research also proved a clothing against & eucommia ulmoides or ldquo;Three tenors & rdquo;Ldquo the &;Good weapon & rdquo;.

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