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[Chinese theater] heart that language from thought Lord word from heart thoughts

【 main speech 】 the heart by “paper & to ldquo;Heart & rdquo;Ldquo; when mentioned &Its allegations & rdquo;.In normal circumstances, that word is summarized by heart (some of the functions of the central nervous system, control and) presides over the heart or its & ldquo;Rdquo; outside health &By hot evil heart envelope is one of the invasion, symptoms ldquo; andZhanYu & rdquo;.

【 main blood 】 refers to the heart of the heart was born systemic blood.The middot; meat asked & confused theory of say: & ldquo;The heart rdquo; biological blood &The grain asked middot; six section of visceral of& “point out & about ldquo;Heart person,…The permissible rdquo; in blood &Heart function and that between blood indivisible contact.

The heart is host of motivation, blood running the channel is run vascular blood.The relationship between the heart and blood, mainly in conveying nutrition and blood circulation linked.

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