Look at shenque self-rated health

navel belly button, in traditional Chinese medicine called “ &rdquo shenque;. Clinicians found that can be seen from the belly button of shape healthy or not, are described below.

shape up: extended belly button up, almost became a top up of triangles. People with this navel should pay attention to the health of the stomach, gall bladder, pancreas.

shape down: should pay attention to the prevention of gastric cancer droop, constipation, chronic gastrointestinal disease and gynecological diseases.

round: navel is a round, women’s health, ovarian function; male is energetic, normal blood pressure, vital organs are in good health.

sea snake: signs of liver disease such as cirrhosis, should pay attention to.

the full moon: looked strong Fengying, underbelly is elastic, characterization of ovarian function is good for the women.

left of the navel: poor should prevent gastrointestinal function, constipation, or large intestine mucosal lesions.

the navel-right: should pay attention to diseases such as hepatitis, duodenal ulcer.

belly protruding: when large amounts of water or when abdominal cyst of ovary, out of the navel is prominent.

navel depression: when obesity or inflammation of the abdomen, such as observation of tuberculous peritonitis, navel to sag.

shallow small navel: indicates that the body is weak and abnormal hormone secretion, body weakness, poor mental condition.


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