Latest news: cold compress adverse recovery after sprain


review: people always think that occurs when muscle strain injury or joint sprain, cold compress can eliminate swelling with ice packs. But the scientists found, swollen muscles can produce a factor conducive to recovery, so “ after the injury of cold compress ” General likely to be subversive.

updated: cold compress adverse recovery after sprained

United Kingdom of the daily mail reported that the United States researchers at the Cleveland Clinic found that muscle after acute injury, muscle cells produce inflammatory response, then releasing something called “ &rdquo growth factor, insulin-1th; (IGF-1) of the substance , It can greatly increase the speed of muscle regeneration. Scientists in animal experiments have confirmed that the muscle of the inflammatory response of damaged mouse recovery speed is significantly higher than the absence of inflammatory response in mice.

United States of editor of the journal of the Federation of experimental biology societies wesman stated: “ in order to heal sports injuries, we need to control the muscle swelling as manifestations of the inflammatory response, but to get a good grasp of, if the controls too strict, but may not be conducive to injury repair. ”

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