Kidney deficiency woman you have?

Chinese medicine said: “ Yang Yang in spring and summer, nourishing yin in autumn and winter. &Amp;rdquo; into the autumn when, is a supplement to the season, opening the broadcasting, overwhelming the medical advertising, medical lectures to Pentium. &Amp;ldquo; kidney ” the word moments full of eardrum!, however, these real or false reports, talks of kidney deficiency objects often tend to only males, females and kidney deficiency looks like is irrelevant. That is not the case, women like kidney deficiency! performance due to kidney deficiency, women do you have?

“ kidney ” is a concept in traditional Chinese medicine. TCM classic Magnum Opus Huangdi within by under Shang said: “ woman seven aged, renal arrogant, tooth more made long; 27 and tiangui to, any pulse pass, too rushed pulse sheng, months thing to nowadays, so can has child: ” so-called of “ tiangui ” is human in the in good faith congenital of gas and health, and has promote growth development and reproductive function of a subtle material, similar Yu Western medicine by told of sexual hormone. Think kidney in traditional Chinese medicine for the comfort of this hidden fine Nano gas, growth and development of relations, women are affecting their menstruation and childbirth. Congenital lost raising or acquired had Dr are led renal virtual, renal virtual is not man by proprietary, woman renal virtual as not despise!

we response has “ save breast ” of call, we follow has “ care uterine ” of recommendations, now the is “ care kidney ” of when has! otherwise, we on may became another “ renal virtual ” black under of victim.

female kidney what show?

refers to kidney deficiency in traditional Chinese medicine, there are many kinds, one of the most common are kidney and kidney-Yang due to Yin deficiency. Yin main static main reservoirs, Yang active primary sending up. Yin, Yang is strong-Yang, the corresponding negative dominant.

kidney Yin deficiency, characterized by thirsty, skin itching, insomnia, irritability, mood backache knee soft dreams, hot palms and soles, dizziness, tinnitus and other positive symptoms. Women appear less constipation, even by close performance.

kidney-Yang deficiency, characterized by face was white or black, waist and knees sore, depression, hand, foot and cold fear cold and afraid of wind, negative symptoms such as diarrhoea, edema of the body. In addition, women also infertility occurs, enuresis, edema, low libido, etc.

expert tips: not equal to renal failure due to kidney deficiency, the meaning of traditional Chinese medicine and kidney and kidney in the meaning of modern medicine is not the same thing, it is a functional system and not a mere organ. Essence is the yin and Yang Qi of kidney deficiency disorders.

science and tonifying the kidney, to let women return to health

kidney deficiency must pay attention to the kidney, but not fill.

liuwei dihuang pill: the tonifying the kidney and invigorating the spleen, and liver function. Drugs in three additional three Xie. Like radix rehmanniae Preparata, Cornus, Yam, tonifying the kidney and invigorating the spleen to three and: Fuling, alisma orientalis, Tan Leather, Lee water wet, flat liver fire for three Xie, is a complement and not greasy, and reinforcing peace, various dirty can be both a good Prescription.

if the kidney Yin deficiency experience dizziness, tinnitus, hot flashes, night sweats when symptoms, plus anemarrhenae, cortex phellodendri is called zhibai dihuang pill.

if night mouth when dry, thirsty for water and kidney Yin deficiency syndrome, with Ophiopogon japonicus, schisandra, called maiweidi yellow pills.

if depression, terrible cold and afraid of the cold, diarrhea, when soreness of the waist and the knees of kidney-Yang deficiency, plus Guizhi, aconite, namely GUI report of dihuang pill.

expert reminder: liuwei dihuang pill but love their female dabu renal formula, above several formulas are treated and kidney Yin deficiency of commonly used formulas. Only when symptoms different emphasis only. Many women think of liuwei dihuang pill as is the beauty of youth life-saving drugs. Even boxes wholesale purchase, when kidney in traditional Chinese medicine is learned, identify is the kidney-Yang deficiency is the key, so you want to use under instructions of doctors.


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