Kidney deficiency and small white spots on nails hidden problems

for a man, a kidney is not a good sign, more trouble is, early symptoms of kidney deficiency is not obvious. It has been mentioned in the knowledge of who announced earlier this year, at the early stage of kidney deficiency of 80% discovered white spots on the nails.

in modern medicine, nails end because in the human body, has a wealth of fine blood vessels and nerve endings, is the observation of many diseases precursor locations. Renal represents the human energy in memory in traditional Chinese medicine, and the liver is represented the output of energy. In the traditional Chinese medicine believes that manifests in the claws of the liver, and “ cognate of liver and kidney ”, refers to is the only abundant reserves will have a reserve supply of unattached.

nail at the end of the human body, a Sinorama ritzy, part of the second half more than trace amounts of red and white faint show is full of qi and blood flow to the peripheral, if black static, shows that the peripheral Meridian has blocked status.

found some white spots on nails you may mean, deficiency of qi and blood, not maintain the normal peripheral microcirculation, visceral itself also started &ldquo from its surface microcirculation; gas less blood ”, but this can be thought of as manifestations of renal deficiency, because the supply of blood is reduced. Little finger corresponding to the kidney, the little finger if the color is pale, white spot, even as a dried up prompting renal Qi deficiency. And this is often ignored, mostly for cold insulation, libido low is good kidney deficiency, and at that time had seriously.

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