Justice “fingerprint” identifying baby health

Cha “ fingerprint ” is one of the ancient medical means of diagnosis of disease, generally used for children under three years, judge its disease syndrome of excess and deficiency. This is due to three children under the age of skin delicate, fingerprint displayed a clear, easy to observe. Children over three years old, or adult, its fingerprint concealed within the flesh, or disappeared, and is not easy to observe, it is no longer “ fingerprint ” diagnose disease, to diagnose instead.

“ fingerprint ” refers to the children’s index finger Palm vein on the side of the thumb. In normal children’s fingerprinting should be red and yellow, something found in the skin. If the ill underserviced, color, position, float the fingerprint will produce corresponding changes with the disease. Disease in the table, the superficial on the surface of the finger in children, exposed on top of the skin, such as at the beginning of a cold. Diseases, within the child’s fingerprints sinks in deep to the skin, such as indigestion internal injuries in children. Disease is cold, the fingerprint is red, be affected by the cold, the fingerprint should be red and superficial; if fingerprints in pink sinks in, the deficient cold of spleen and stomach.

is hot, fingerprinting should be seen in purple, such as exogenous wind-heat fingerprint purple superficial; if fingerprints within the dark purple and sinks in the skin, evil heat stagnation is displayed in the body; purple black heat evil deep Volt, closed blood complex, a critical condition. Fingerprint color light, to hand the fingerprints of disappeared off by complex, multi-indicates that the disease is chronic diseases marked by deficiency of vital energy and lowering body resistance. Light red for the blood shortage, as virtual; lavender of deficiency and heat, showing the deficiency. Push the fingerprints of fixed, no change color, multiple descriptions for empirical or evil missed the body. Wet food delays intrinsic, internal injuries, such as sputum evil heat be latent disease. In the clinic, infantile exopathic disease, spleen, stomach, judged by looking at fingerprints or diagnosis of disease, higher accuracy. As for Ganji in children? Disease in children is cold is hot, and so on.

however, judged by looking at fingerprints or diagnosis of disease, this is a retrospective of one of the methods of traditional Chinese medicine. Or whether it should the four diagnosis methods of participation in clinical, diagnostic accuracy, treatment is appropriate.


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