July Lotus fragrance introduced three Lotus Leaf eating method

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7 fragrance introduced three months Lotus Leaf lotus leaf and eat

at this point, when Lotus blooming season, Nanjing many Lake filled with elegant and Lotus. Lotus leaves are edible and medicinal delicacy of dual-use, below on the Please taste it experts recommend three produced by Lotus Leaf mix of diet best.

rice GUI Lotus: solution a synopsis

<p&gt Khan to clear tone; Lotus root stuffed with glutinous rice is a Nanjing snack tastes unique. Deputy Director of the Nanjing city with combination of TCM and Western medicine hospital Yan Yanfeng snack evaluation practitioners on the road. Yan Yanfeng said, because the Lotus Leaf into the food, not only taste fragrant and spleen and promoting blood circulation and dispel heat body heatiness. As ming says in the book, herbal medicine and then a new pharmacy, Lotus Leaf “ hotness, thirst Shengjin &rdquo cool solution. Glutinous rice is a gentle tonic, tonic and sweat functions. And sweet-scented osmanthus mix glutinous rice in Lotus Leaf Lotus, soothing the liver and fresh ventilation, also, more suitable in summer heat stroke, heavier people sweat and tone selection.

<p&gt raw materials: Lotus root, sugar, white sugar, glutinous rice, Lotus leaf of osmanthus fragrans.

making: first will glutinous rice washing NET, with warm water immersion about 1 hours; Lotus wash clean, by section disconnect; cut Xia Lotus of a, exposed Lotus hole, filled into leaching good of glutinous rice, then with Lotus section front mask live, bamboo sticks plug prison; pot within pour water, into Lotus, Mong Kok Fire open; covered Shang clean lotus leaf, cover Shang cover, small fires Cook 2 hours; removed Lotus aired cool, cut skin, cut 0.8 cm thick of tablets, stack code in disk in the; pot reset roaring fire Shang, into water burning open, joined sugar survived the of, apostrophe to floating foam, modifiedWith a small fire; to sticky sugar juice you survived, joining syrup mix of sweet osmanthus, away from the fire is out cold; syrup poured on the glutinous rice is needed.

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