Johnson what are the side effects of nimesulide?

review: recent “ lives drug-fever ” event drew widespread attention. Nimesulide is a commonly used drug fever, particularly baby fever commonly used. Nimesulide do really have an adverse reaction? What are side effects of nimesulide is? Here we take a look.

Johnson what are the side effects of nimesulide?

<p&gt recently, “ &rdquo nimesulide adverse event have generated heated discussions, nimesulide has even been dubbed “ lives drug-fever ” title.

“ this is no analysis of specific problems in a specific, if it is used in the specification recommended dose, adverse reactions are more rare. &Amp;rdquo; the State food and Drug Administration Center for drug evaluation adviser says Professor Sun Zhongshi, nimesulide dubbed “ lives drug-fever ” the title is a “ does not fully ” approach.

<p&gt Shanghai Du Wenmin, adverse drug reaction monitoring Center Director also told the media that, “ drug authorities of nimesulide has never been published in China-related warning notices. &Amp;rdquo;

since all sides died of nimesulide to take a cautious approach, “ lives drug-fever ” saying come from? Comparison of similar drugs, what degree of side effects of nimesulide geometry?

origin: CCTV reported suddenly being fried

origin events children’s medication safety International Forum on November 26 last year. CCTV on the live news reports, experts said, antipyretics and analgesics should be used with caution in children, which highlighted the use of nimesulide is, cases frequently appears on the cause of central nervous system and liver damage.

the report also quoted experts of display in the content of speech, according to the China Centre for adverse drug reaction monitoring data of nimesulide in Chinese listed thousands of cases have occurred in the 6-year incidence of adverse events, or even a few deaths.

in February this year, the event is brought back all of a sudden, and has been more media coverage competing interpretation and spearhead of nimesulide. Worth a to of is, then CCTV broadcast of title is “ children caution with antipyretic analgesia drug ”, and no using “ WINS life fever drug ” a Word, but because has mentioned “ even has number up death case ”, therefore in media then of reported in the, nimesulide will was dubbed “ WINS life fever drug ” this a shrugged names,.


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