Is the drug “HIV-third” health need to be cautious

Now, affluent life, people have paid great attention the health care, a little ailment is here go to go to a doctor, take medicine;Some people for the regimen longevity, cosmetology also want to eat every day this medicine, that piece, the vitamin, that health care products.These practices what is good for the body?The answer is beyond doubt, such doing is definitely is bad, or even harmful.

Ldquo TCM curing early &;It is medicine 3 minutes poison & rdquo;Ldquo, think: &;Big poison cure, ten to its six;Often poison cure, ten to its seven;Small poison cure, ten to its eight;Non-toxic cure, ten to its nine.Valley meat, the food raises liberalization completely;Without that, it is also injured.& rdquo;Advocates & ldquo;A woman, so there’s no nor rdquo; woman yi &.What do you mean?Is sick disease-free don’t take medicine in disorder, disorderly eat health, whether Chinese medicine, western medicine, or protect key medicine, it is medicine always have 3 minutes poison, should grasp the scale of the drug, according to the weak, the individual constitution anesthesiologists science, pharmaceutical and health care through science, to choose natural health care, strong body prolong, Liz ngan slimming methods.

Traditional Chinese medicine has also & ldquo;Three minutes poison & rdquo;

Many people think that the animals and plants from natural medicine most than chemicals to its a mild and safe, not happening drug toxicity.Actually otherwise, Chinese traditional medicine also have toxicity.Traditional Chinese medicine toxicity is its partial sex, but not said ate it is poison.Arsenic can kill people, but the arsenic is still blindly Chinese medicine;Ginseng is big tonic, if disorderly clothing can also kill.The key depends how you use.Medicine has cold temperature XinGan acid bitter cold flat, the partial sex, people salty unionizing qi Yin and Yang, a cold medicine cure body on medicine bias and the human body the partial sex correct biased.As the Yin, when inside cold with warm constitution for YangCheng hot, drug worse, when the LiangYao qing with cold diarrhoea, make the person in vivo surroundings restores balance, namely ldquo TCM said &;Balance of Yin and Yang & rdquo;, & ldquo;Yin kakashi-sensei, spirit is to pingyang from decisions, spirit, Yin and Yang are rdquo; rejects &.

Some say Chinese medicine & ldquo;Tonic and harmless, the more the better, sick cure, disease-free to the body.& rdquo;This is also a kind of misunderstanding, take ginseng, for example, ginseng is the most commonly used medicine tonic, but ginseng isn’t anybody can arbitrary taking.For elderly patients with weak and deficiency, ginseng is tasted, especially wild ginseng nourishing, sometimes is emergency medicine, in people life in an instant;But for everybody, colds and exuberant, hypertension speakers, ginseng light can make its nosebleed flowingrapidly, heavy then buy one FeiMing.

Besides Chinese medicine by blends, still have a lot of to reduce its medicinal properties by firing the toxic stronger drugs, such as Pi stone, mercury, tripterygium wilfordii, born aconite, born sprouting strychnine, born grass, BaDou, born south uriah, star, centipede, sichuan melia japonica son, while being, don’t listen to when what folk prescription secret recipe, cancer anticancer, longevity and with body to try poison, and not for XuanZhong is.

Careful with antibiotics

Medicine abuse in society today is much more common, especially the overuse of antibiotics, no matter you are the virus infection, cold or wind hot, come up to give you use of antibiotics, give you hang a bit, and are antibiotics but the high-grade more good.This may and now hospitals, doctors say economic benefit, but also related with patients, especially for the parents of children with overly inseparable, thought as long as a lot of antibiotics hang down, and diseases will recover.

Apart from its curative effect is counterproductive, said only the advantages and disadvantages of the human body is the lessons of history in the eyes seemed to last century, the oil-rich tooth, streptomycin sex deafness tetracycline, are the result of the overuse of antibiotics.Many antibiotics have liver and kidney toxicity and bone marrow inhibition, abuse consequences early days, dozens of days is displayed, months, years, decades later, until expression comes out.Light appeared appetite becomes poor, immunity, repeated a cold, heavy can make the liver and kidney function abnormalities and even have to leukemia, etc.

Cold fever, cough sometimes just a few agents herbal medicines, even a bowl of Onions ginger tea can solve a problem, xianglan bit, have to misuse antibiotics.Of course I am not against using antibiotics, when things really need not use antibiotic not as long as strictly grasp its indications, the dosage and drug duration, should use.I just want to remind people careful with antibiotics, careful with the western medicine, careful with all drugs.Especially children and the elderly, more should err on the side of caution.Because the child body adjustment function is poor, ability to detoxify, detoxification ability, and the old man has not yet been established the adjustment ability, ability to detoxify, detoxification capacity has weakened, drugs are more likely to make them hurt toxicity.

Don’t abuse health products

At present, the market is good and evil people mixed up, the good and bad are intermingled, health the efficacy of many health products, and many exaggerated in some herbal medicine health is put inside some western medicine, even for the profits to put some hormone, let you finish eating sense is especially comfortable, results as time passes, health purpose, yet you did not achieve left a disease.So, we face the health products must embrace cautious attitude, don’t believe exaggerated propaganda, also don’t see what all eat health.Take vitamin E speaking, since pharmacologist found vitamin E has the role of anti-free radical contains vitamin E, since the cosmetics, health care products is on its efficacy floods the market, blowing, simply fantastic health care, hairdressing and nurture become the panacea.Little imagine, excessive taking vitamin E can bring the carcinogenic, increase heart disease incidence and make resistance down, produce allergic etc side effects.And the human body for a vitamin E, normal diet can supply without special added.

In short, for keeping in good health, we cannot rely as Chinese medicine, western medicine, health products, and to overcome the abuse of traditional medicine, western medicine, health products brings health disorders.Health ldquo; if grasp &Medicine & rdquo;And & ldquo;Degrees & rdquo;And as long as attention adjustment own gentle disposition, attention adjustment your diet, pay attention to exercise, the longevity and health soon.

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