Indispensable for man in this life three kinds of traditional Chinese medicine

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rhizoma imperatae

adolescent expelling damp, Fuling, rhizoma imperatae

adolescent male Acne most common problem is the long, love put fire. Survey pointed out that 98% males during puberty will be “ acne ” problems. At this point, the male androgen secretion in the body increase, sebum secretion of active, plus studying stress larger, easy living erratically, and therefore more prone to acne, put fire occurred.

acne because of lung by the excessive heat, or due to spleen-stomach damp-heat. Therefore, the recommended Wang Chuanhang and rhizoma imperatae two Poria cocos herbs. Fuling mild temperament, would serve as a diuretic, to wet, the role of strengthening the spleen, and not to hurt the healthy trends, with 10 grams of water per day for drinking, or Polyporus umbellatus and zexie decoction of water use. Rhizoma imperatae clearing lung and stomach of heat, cold blood, effect of qingre fluid, it is recommended that water drinking directly.

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