How to treat epilepsy in children

Introduction: We often say that children are flowers of the motherland, the hope of the motherland is the successor to a better future, Portland. Families with children, families of children with epilepsy, as usually shrouded in clouds, life is no longer for them colorful. Beijing Haihua epilepsy experts specialized hospital for children with epilepsy in children, the standard treatment of epilepsy in children is very important.
Haihua experts, the impact of epilepsy in children is a serious chronic disease quality of life of children, it is the children of high stage, in addition to surgical treatment through the addition of refractory epilepsy, some children with epilepsy in children, there will be resistance to the current the performance of various antiepileptic drugs, that is, this part is not suitable for children, children with epilepsy drugs. So, for these children with epilepsy treatment that does what?
Haihua expert tips, non-ketogenic diet drug treatments can effectively suppress epilepsy in children. Ketogenic diet is used to control those refractory epilepsy, or refractory epilepsy therapeutic methods. It consists of a high percentage of fat, low proportion of carbohydrate, low proportion of proteins. Has now become an important method of treatment of children with epilepsy, one of the ketogenic treatment, the new era began in the 20th century, the early 90s. At that time, a Hollywood producer – Abraham’s son Charlie was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy in children, after a variety of surgical and medical treatment does not work, we began the ketogenic diet. After a period of treatment, even achieved complete seizure-free, fully satisfied with the effects of drugs. Adhere to the therapy, after many years, has been recovered, and now living a normal happy life. After the founding father of the great Charlie Fund, and written under the personal experience of ketogenic diet on the monograph, funded by the seven centers of a ketogenic diet in the study.
According to the relevant data show that some of the ketogenic diet in refractory epilepsy in children can not attack or seizure reduction, most patients after treatment to a normal diet, take fewer drugs or even withdrawal. Ketogenic diet adapted to the various drugs in patients with refractory epilepsy in children, seizures or adverse drug reactions, the life of children have significant impact, or try the ketogenic diet. Generally speaking, from the physical point of view, children older children and adults more prone to ketosis, so it is better in children under the age of 10. Currently, in North China, Beijing China Sea Hospital is the only professional epilepsy ketogenic diet, a master of epilepsy specialist hospitals.
In this, Beijing Haihua epilepsy specialty hospitals to remind parents the majority of children with epilepsy, seizures of epilepsy in children each time, followed by brain damage normal cells, the small attack a small loss, big loss big attack. Recurrent seizures, the brain is in the developmental growth of children in the period, the consequences will be more severe, patients will lead to growth retardation, mental retardation, causing irreversible brain damage. Choice of hospital for children and treatment, be sure to choose the regular hospital, not gullible so-called secret, prescriptions, treatment delay, delay child illness.

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