How to get baby lamb drinking traditional Chinese medicine

review: because clearly the role of traditional Chinese medicine, and smaller side effects, so many parents very popular Chinese medicine. However, the baby on the parents ‘ good intentions but was not appreciated, either as they cry or vomit drug. But it’s no wonder, some traditional Chinese medicine is too bitter, that adults drink have bad. How to get baby lamb drinking traditional Chinese medicine?
Below to see what experts are saying:

in Henan medical college affiliated hospital of Pediatrics chief physician said Yan yongbin, let baby lamb drinking traditional Chinese medicine note that the following four points:

how to get baby wants to drink herbal

“ thick fried ” are important

children’s clothes to &ldquo of traditional Chinese medicine; thick fried ”. Note that “ thick fried ” not equals “ long frying ”, because long frying may result in failure or increasing side-effects of some Chinese traditional medicines. For example, children with traditional Chinese medicine for a cold exterior drug, medicinal odour of aromatic volatile, fry easily lose exterior effect for a long time. Thick frying method: traditional Chinese medicine, soaking for 30 minutes, fried and then force the fire to smoulder after boiling, for 15 minutes. Drug juice is then poured out and in accordance with the child’s age and the other simmer FRY to the desired amount (if parents can directly extract out the right amount of experience the best).

note that boiling drug

just drink enough weight on the line, drink their condition is not much help. General speaking, 1 aged following of baby, every day taking of Chinese medicine best not over 20 ml, and taking Shi regardless of number, to frequency clothing mainly, day as long as generally uniform to to drug drink finished to; 1~3sui of baby can fried to about 40 ml, min 3 times taking; 3~6sui of “ kid infants ” were relative on obedient is has, can will Chinese medicine fried to 60 ml min 3 times taking; to has 6 aged yihou parents on worry more has, min two times taking to.

plus sugar heat cold

rush to baby feeding medicine often many young mother, a mother said “ each feeding the baby was brought when the traditional Chinese medicine, as they also cried for a long time, was followed by I love tears, if Chinese medicine is sweet like ”. In fact, sugar is a trick of traditional Chinese medicine, urine yellow, flushed face, body heat, mostly in children with constipation symptoms such as fever, best in drugs without brown sugar. Due to the brown sugar flavor Gan Yisheng wet, especially in children with one’s tongue is coated by the hot and humid not plus. Suffering from a cold syndrome in children with diseases of drugs available in the amount of brown sugar, but sugar from the cold, clothing easy to increase the severity of, and do not add.

ginger antiemetic

if the dose is unlikely, sugar and other methods also cannot let the baby drink of Chinese medicine, ginger can help. Mothers in the baby to drink about 5 minutes before the drug with a new cut of ginger in children with clean the painted surface of the tongue, as ginger has antiemetic effects. In addition, feed the drug should be in between meals, so that is conducive to drug absorption, is not easy to stimulate gastric mucosa caused by drugs. Most important and most common of all, parents do not because the Cubs refused to take medicine to pinch the nose filling so easily choked the baby.


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