How strange – ZhouZhongYing sputum disease differentiation 33

ZhouZhongYing think, every patient clinical symptoms strange strange, performance ldquo TCM said &;Phlegmy & rdquo;Certificate (including invisible phlegm), USES TCM phlegm, eliminating phlegm, often such treatments for receiving unexpected curative effect.

The generation of the sputum, involves more than intradermic injury, differentiation, variety of pathogenic factors is suffered by the formation of the pathological product.Meanwhile, when a disease caused by issuing sputum, after sputum has become a new disease is the original cause for, each with the same or other close evil and pathogenic pathological product, forming a vicious circle.In addition, phlegm can follow up everywhere, and less gas can not only in the lung and find in friction spleen, heart, accumulate in depressed at liver, kidney, may also move to show different joints channels, the outflow of the zang-fu organs and meridians see disorder.The nature of from sputum respects, still can further divided into wind phlegm, cold phlegm, wet phlegm, hot phlegm, dry phlegm and yu phlegm, etc.

ZhouZhongYing from long-term clinical practice found that those who have phlegm, eyelid and now there will be ash black.Among them was gloomy as the earth for cold empty phlegm, cheek red complexion and a glossy phlegmy, yellow for hot the person for wet phlegm, viscous green dark for wind the sputum.Patient obesity, form warm swollen neck short person for phlegm body.Goofy facial expressions, eye for eye turning in the sputum resistance ineffective to do STH.The color from sputum ZhouZhongYing see, smell that pledge, of short duration and illness, innocent, sputum color light smell also weak;Long and thick sticky peg-intron., yellow turbidity of condensation, luo out hard, jiancheng evil flavour, foul salty bitter.If, after working spit the earth like a snail, or walk in the saliary foam under the sun were for real whats 5color sputum;After the water out of the easy, cold empty.The sputum sweet taste for heat, taste bitter spleen for bravery hot, flavor, taste for pulmonary hot foul undoubtedly kidney.If days, sputum and attack the extinction of not easily, the old’s sputum, overcoming the phlegm, often easy happening strange disease.

The treatment of phlegm, ZhouZhongYing emphasize should first points should be careful, secondly zang-fu unionizing specimen priorities are.Whoever due to illness ShengTan person, cannot see phlegm governance should be for the first phlegmy, disease, disease to is phlegmy self-cleaning;If because of phlegm and renewal hair some disease and syndrome, should be first, phlegm in governance phlegm is all CARDS to self heal.Third, spleen wet is based, Richard into phlegm for governance of the spleen sputum to wet.And put to sputum must also qi, the body fluid is a gas with gas and also the smoothly, since no stop integrated into phlegm suffer from.Meanwhile governance should be and put to fire, sputum ChengZhuoJin gas fire into the wide sputum for appropriate clear drop;Gas fire partial virtual tianjin coagulation is phlegmy, and when those factors.As for governance, in principle, must take the sputum phlegm, expectoranting for money-raising.Resolving phlegm can make phlegmy return is changed, abreaction invisibly, or make its dilution eduction body outside, the scope of the adaptive the most extensive, can be used for empirical BingShi not very, or dirty air is insufficient, because the ShengTan empty.Expectoranting can dispel the product within cleaning warm polyester phlegm, sputum, including the sputum, vomit variable method, suitable for such evil solid and are empty, BingShi flash nasty, or sick days were delayed, sputum, old phlegm glue solid not incumbent.

– GuoLiZhong ZhuYao nanjing university of traditional Chinese medicine ZhouZhongYing famous doctor studio


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