Herbs for the month of standing in an emergency

now people, House often has a small Kit, which placed a number of commonly used drugs in treating headache, fever, or other drugs such as oil, for a rainy day. In our concept, small Kit which drugs should be of some effect amazing speed of Western medicine, such as rapid pain relief drug, instantly cool the fever medicine, and so on. I want to say that in fact standing in our home in an emergency medicine they are conditioning the body, ability to solve some small problems, sometimes not even than some Western. Following recommended ten kinds of Chinese medicine, not only are they easy to save and good efficacy.


when it comes to standing drugs, of course, ginger launches world’s first 125°c. Ginger taste effect of temperature, transpiration exterior temperature, temperature stop vomiting, Lung cough effect.

such as the family was the rain and cold, sneezing, in which case we could have what he cold Western medicine. As long as a few slices of ginger, add a little brown sugar, boil water for his drink, custody he become crazy. Ginger also has a lot of people don’t know, is the ability to control nausea and vomiting. Most of vomiting, particularly vomiting of pregnancy, a glass of ginger juice (or Cook gingerale), it can make people “ sustained over ”, both effective and safe. However need to be aware of is that ginger a temperature, and thermal physical person should not be used due to Yin deficiency.


also called Yam, Gan Xingping, beneficial Qi and nourishing yin, invigorating the spleen, lung and kidney function.

child of spleen-stomach weak, always have no appetite to eat, but also occasionally diarrhea, usually let him eat Yam the best. Yam on the elderly’s lung-Qi deficiency induced chronic cough, shortness of breath, renal Qi backache leg soft night caused by urinary frequency, and so has an important role. Yam is characterized by mild temperament, be used as a food diet (soup, boiled gruel, taste is very good).

for disease frail, who required long-term nutritional supplement Regulation, Yam is “ quality and low price ” supplements. Even the usual “ virtual is not affected by Supplement ” people eating Yam also does not appear “ heat ”.


also called Pearl barley rice, crops among Panax quinquefolium metres, semen coicis, it taste sweet, light, slightly cold, enabling water wet, invigorating the spleen, the role of heat-clearing and drainage.

five ridges moisture heavier, so you can use it to cook soup, helping qushi. To note is that seed while invigorating the spleen function, but it’s cool, so usually are afraid of the cold-Yang body should not be long.


also known as American ginseng, it bitter, slightly sweet, cold, invigorating Qi, nourishing yin, the role of heat-clearing and hygiene sediment.

after staying up late, feeling dazzled dry mouth, sore throat and cough? a cup of ginseng tea can make your breath: fluid. Had to say was that of American ginseng from the cold, weakness of the spleen and the stomach is not much to eat, otherwise it is not only not nourishing the body, but will the physical injury.


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