Healthy people should not use ginseng

Should not use of ginseng crowd:

1. The health of the people

Healthy people as for better diet and exercise the suggestion.If many suits, not ever take ginseng is not conducive to health, and will cause disease.Especially infants, children, the beverage of choice among rowdy youths, more not blindly take ginseng.

2. The dark purple tongue quality

TCM holds that, for dark purple tongue mass of qi and blood stasis, such as taking viscous as simply makes blood ginseng stagnate aggravating illness, appear & ldquo;Pain, irritable, sibling rdquo; heart fever &Wait for a symptom.

3. The ruddy complex-ion

Clinical found, the ruddy complex-ion emotions often excited, high blood pressure, then taking people often participant cause blood pressure to rise, dazed head goes up, disease such as insomnia.


& ldquo;Smoke, salt & rdquo;The serious damage to the kidney health

The magical medicine mint

Caterpillar fungus not originally cordyceps sinensis


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