health serviN.J. recovery expected to trail national growth

James Hughes, the dean of the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers, agreed that job growth in New Jersey could be a couple of years behind the rest of the nation.

The negative is manucturing. We are now underrepresented in manucturing within the nation, he said. Its hard to see any one sector outside of health services where we can predict its going to really outperform the rest of the economy as a services careers

Admittedly, the state is trying to do something about that, Mantell said. And one of the things thats been recovering nationally has been manucturing. New Jersey just doesnt have much manucturing.

Lots of regulations are part of the reason economic growth in the Garden State lags behind the national recovery, she said.

health serviN.J. recovery expected to trail national growth,Rutgers Economic Advisory Service director Nancy Mantell anticipates the nation will get back the jobs lost during the recession by 2014, two years ahealth serviN.J. recovery expected to trail national growthhead of New Jersey.

Mantell said declines in public sector employment because of budget constraints will also slow the states recovery. She said she expects the most growth will be in professional and business services.

Hughes, who said budget constraints will continue to result in job losses in the public sector, pointed to growth in health-care services as one of the bright spots in New Jerseys economy.

New Jerseys recovery from the recession could take longer than the rest of the nation, economic experts say.

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