Health self test – controlling physical health trends

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review: human one-third of the disease through preventive health care can be avoided. Next, SINA small series of Chinese medicine practitioners will introduce to you some simple and practical method to five healthy self test to help you anytime to check their physical condition, health trends of control bodies at any time, implement the appropriate countermeasures in a timely manner, achieve the purpose of health and longevity.


health self test – controlling physical health trends

1.“ not time ”–test aging degree.

balance has very important meaning in human life. Japan Kyoto Prefecture State Medical University under Professor YAMADA on human tissue more than 30 years of study of a simple and easy “ simple self test method of human aging ”.

the specific method: self test hands hanging close to the sides, close your eyes, with one foot stand upright, and according to his “ not time ”–to judge their own aging degree.

standard: 9.9 seconds, male Physiology for 30-35 years of age, female physiological age as 40-49; 8.4 seconds: male Physiology for 40-49 years of age, female physiological age as 50-59 and 7.4 seconds: male Physiology for 50-59 years of age, female physiological age as 60-69; 5.8 seconds: male Physiology for 60-69 years of age, female physiological age as 70-79. Does not meet the standards, degree of ageing too fast, the physiological age higher than the actual age.

2. waist-hip ratio–test fat index.

waist-hip ratio (WHR) is a reflection of a simple indicator of body fat distribution, who often used it to measure the human body is obesity or health, maintain appropriate proportion of the hip and waist circumference, is of great significance on adult physical fitness and health and life.

many studies have proved that the ratio and cardiovascular morbidity is closely. Standard waist-hip ratio for males is less than 0.8, female less than 0.7. According to United States society for sports medicine 1997 recommended standard, male WHR>0.95 and female WHR>0.86 is waist-hip ratio data with cardiovascular disease risk. Note that the measure must be taken when standing.

3. breath-hold time–test lung function.

a deep breath and breath-holding, the longer the better, then slowly exhale, exhale time 3 seconds for the best. Maximum breath-holding, a man of 20 years of age, health status very good, sustainable 90-120 seconds. A person who has attained the age of 50 years, about 30 seconds or so.


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