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Kupelo said an investigation team of epidemiologists, senior officials and doctors was looking into the baby deaths.

Mosanas initial five-year contract as head of the Cecilia Makiwane and Frere hospitals expired in November.

Health MEC Sicelo Gqobana launched an investigatihealth department eastern capeon this week into why he had not been informed of the klebsiella outbreak in Mdantsane between last December and January this year.

Zine,Look further in the rural Transkei, where our people are too afraid to speak out or too afraid not to vote for the ANC.

How can this be allowed to happen???!!! !

Department spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said a civil servant who is hired on contract is entitled to this benefit "whether you are doing your job or not".

Palatial beachfront offices have been rented to accommodate managers, leaving health workers at the hospitals with no one to oversee them.

"Department spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said a civil servant who is hired on contract is entitled to this benefit "whether you are doing your job or not"."

This can only happen in SA…ANC doing a "boot-leg" job not caring about peoples interests and the danger they might ce…May God help the little kids brought into this world!!!

This is the second time that Mosanas contract has been extended, despite the deaths of 29 babies, including three who died after an outbreak of klebsiella – a bacteria which can cause acute diarrhoea infections.

This is the second time that Gqobana has been kept in the dark over problems at the complex.

in a state of mind that prevents normal perception

"Every senior manager who is employed on contract qualifies for this," said Kupelo.

His basic salary is R40000, excluding allowances and a 13th cheque. He also cashed in on a R19000 "bonus" paid to him after the extension of his contract in November.

Think man think. You sound like a student of the Jimmy Manyi school of PR.

Lord help us…I despair

1 If you are not doing your job – you get fired, you do not get a bonus!

health deparBoss of death hospital to stay on,Vuyo Mosana, CEO of the Cecilia Makiwane Hospital in Mdantsane, outside East London, has had his contract extended until June 30. It was due to end on March 30.

.. "whethhealth deparBoss of death hospital to stay oner you are doing your job or not"…..despite the deaths of 29 babies

Please try to get this into your head:

In December, a whistle- blower invited him to see piles of soiled and dirty linen in Frere Hospitals laundry while new washing machines stood baking in the sun for weeks.


Eastern Capes superintendent-general for health, Dr Siva Pillay, said this week that Mosanas contract had been extended because "we could not do otherwise under the circumstances".

But I WILL cast my vote against the ANC. They have done absolutely nothing for SA in the last 17 years they have been in powa.

All the ANC is good at is stealing. FUCLK them. I am tired of this SHITE.

The ANC regime here in the Eastern Cape have filled important professional jobs with ANC cadres who are inefficient and unethical.

This is enough to make any person with integrity and who belief in irness and justice, to puke !!!!!!!!!!

Sizwe, you are symptomatic of the problem. You must be AN Clueless individual.

The head of an Eastern Cape hospital that recorded the highest number of baby deaths in the country has managed to hold onto his job.

If you come to the rural hospitals you see for yourself the negative results of the ANC having too much power.

insane inË&136;sÄ&129;n adjective

If you are a member of the African Nationalist Criminals (Afronazis) nothing can happen to you. There is no court which will condemn you.

I will vote DA in this municipal election. I am registered 100KM from where I live. I will hike or take a taxi. I dont care how I get there.

Zine, thank you for your courage in exposing the Human rights abuse,loss of human dignity,corruption and unprofessional behaviour taking place in our Eastern Cape hospitals.

2 If you are criminally negligent and even 1 baby dies because of it, you should go to jail.

Gawd Almighty!

"Department spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said a civil servant who is hired on contract is entitled to this benefit "whether you are doing your job or not"

Pillay said his department was strongly considering doing away with the complex system which they inherited when the citys two public hospitals merged in 2005.

Was he a car guard a week ago or was he the one with the garbage bag at the traffic light?

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