health and cEXCLUSIVE: Victorian booze culture hurting

Instead, Labor Party spokesman Chris Owner issued a statement denying the report had been suppressed.

&8220;After 11 years of ilure to act on the growing crisis of alcohol related violence, Labor refused to release this damning report, instead keeping it hidden from the community.&8217;&8217;

&8220;The Department of Human Services provided Turning Point with funding to undertake a number of projects,&8217;&8217; Mr Owner said.

health and cEXCLUSIVE: Victorian booze culture hurting,The Victorian Alcohol Statistics Report shows that between 1999 and 2007, alcohol-related assaults and hospital admissions rose by almost half, and alcohol related ambulance call-outs nearly tripled.

The report was completed by the Turning Point Drug and Alcohol Centre in 2009 but not released until Leaders Freedom of Information request was approved last week.

He said experts and authorities needed to engage the community in an open discussion about the harm alcohol causes to community and necessary steps needed to address it.

She said the governments &8220;first steps would include more police on the streets, limiting the supply of alcohol to minors and reforming liquor licensing laws.

The number of alcohol-related deaths and road injuries remained stable.

&8220;This is the moshealth and community servicest comprehensive, detailed analysis of the impact of alcohol across the state, its critical for developing solutions, Ms Wooldridge said.

A DISTURBING report that reveals in detail the rising toll of alcohol consumption during Labor&8217;s time in government has finally seen the light of day.

The number of people seeking alcohol rehabilitation treatment also rose by 55 per cent.

&8220;We kept asking for it to be released but were informed it was still waiting for a sign off; no other reason was given to us.&8217;&8216;

However, Professor Lubman said the organisation was told not to release the report without government approval.

Opposition MP and former community services minister Lisa Neville refused to be interviewed on the report&8217;s contents or the reasons for why it was not released.

&8220;How these projects (were) distributed is a matter for Turning Point&8217;&8216;.

Ms Wooldridge said the previous government &8220;believed more in self-preservation than helping Victorians&8217;&8216;.

State Mental Health and Community Services Minister Mary Wooldridge said the Coalition Government would use the research to help make decisions in addressing the negative impact of alcohol in the community.

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&8220;The alcohol statistics handbook series requires departmental sign off before it is released,&8217;&8217; Professor Lubman said.

Professor Lubman called for a robust government strategy including leghealth and cEXCLUSIVE: Victorian booze culture hurtingislative reform to address alcohols availability and cost.

Turning Point director Professor Dan Lubman said the &8220;staggering figures highlighted the growing problem with alcohol in Victoria.

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