Healing Chinese medicine plaster new usage

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plaster is indispensable in everyday life standing drug , Ancient Chinese medicine cure plaster as the best choice. Plaster treatment is mainly by stimulating nerve endings, through reflection, dilated blood vessels, promote blood circulation, improving organization nutrition, reach swelling, anti-inflammatory and pain relief purposes.

Chinese medicine healing plaster new usage

then the plaster in addition to reducing swelling, relieving pain or do you have any other? Here is to introduce some other uses of plaster.

voice brought itching alleviate bronchitis and asthma, suffocating symptoms

mitigations: take the diameter of about 2 cm square of plaster, sticking in the throat area, about 3 days can be replaced, has good mitigation throat itches, suffocating as a result of such as asthma, bronchitis symptoms. Different body mass effect to varying degrees.

reminds of traditional Chinese medicine:

1. prior to the sticking plaster, you can apply with a hot towel or wipe clean the skin at the point, then posted, so you can control plaster stuck up.

2. sticking plaster more places should avoid when hair, otherwise one is not able to stick, the second is torn open when the plaster will take up the pain caused by hair.

3. not long sticking plasters,So as to avoid skin appears papular, vesicular, consciously dramatic phenomena such as itching.

“asthma diet compatibility and incompatibility”

Yi: water chestnut, white radish and Walnut meat, date, euryale ferox, Lotus, Yam. These food effects for invigorating the spleen and removing phlegm and tonifying the kidney and nourishing lung, can be a good mitigation and treatment of asthma and bronchitis.

taboos: fresh marine fish, shrimp, and crabs. These are cold foods, avoid eating in patients with asthma.

food carefully during asthma attacks: beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes and other difficult to digest food may cause flatulence, this causes the pleural and abdominal distention oppression increased difficulty in breathing.

cold asthma:

avoid cold dish away from cold foods, such as pears, spinach, bamboo shoots and so on.
Temperature can eat some food: lamb, ginger, cinnamon, and so on.  »

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