Guard against these diseases make you suddenly become bad-tempered

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review: If you like for the individual, lost their tempers easily, as if nobody is thin, colleagues and family to you a wide berth. So you’d better to look at the hospital, because sometimes there is no obvious symptoms such as hypertension, diabetes, but some patients have had a common characteristic: bad-tempered. To guard against these diseases make you suddenly become bad-tempered:
following these diseases may lead to changes in temper, worthy of attention:


watch out for these diseases make you suddenly become bad-tempered


hypertension is a common disease, is a frequently occurring illnesses in the elderly, and in common. Think of traditional Chinese medicine, hypertension was caused due to feel impatient, emotional upset caused by liver-Yang hyperactivity and liver-fire ascending syndrome increases. Due to liver-fire ascending syndrome in patients with hypertension in Mong Kok, sympathetic nervous excitement, central nervous disorder caused by a hot temper, irritability.

Western medicine hypertension into three periods, regardless of hypertension during which all have an impact on the psychological status of the elderly.

first hypertension, fluctuation of blood pressure of patients with large, high and low, the patient’s mood often changes with the fluctuation of blood pressure, excitable, love lost his temper.

hypertension during the second, with the development of hypertension, do not apply more and more of the symptoms, such as palpitations, increased headache, which may make the psychological burden of patients increasing emotional more volatile, more impatient, irritable, easily impulse.

third stage hypertension, blood pressure in patients not only continued to maintain a higher level, its internal organs such as heart, brain and kidney damage is also more serious, that they lose the compensatory ability. Heart failure, renal failure and hypertensive encephalopathy, make great harm to the patient’s mental health. Hypertension of patients with advanced, the patient’s mood often become depressed, melancholy, sometimes panic, and even killing delusions, behavior may also occur.

<strong&gt, diabetes:

body metabolism dysfunction caused by rise in blood sugar, cause obstacles in Group b vitamin absorption, metabolism, resulting in a lack of b vitamins in the body. Vitamin B1 have certain influence on neural and mental state;Vitamin B6 is involved in tryptophan, sugar and estrogen metabolism, vitamin B12 is responsible for nucleic acid and amino acid metabolism, but also manages the integrity of the human nervous system. When the body when the lack of b vitamins, it will affect the stability of the nervous system, thus appear gruff, Moody’s phenomenon. Therefore, suddenly turned bad-tempered old man may wish to check blood glucose levels.


refers to the thyroid tissue hyperplasia, hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism and thyroid hormone secreted a group of clinical syndromes caused by too much. In recent years, significantly increase in the incidence of the elderly aged 60 or above, 10%~17% per cent of all patients with hyperthyroidism. Often emotional, irritable disposition in patients with hyperthyroidism. In addition, on the clinical manifestation in patients with hyperthyroidism also dismayed, tachycardia, afraid of fever, sweating, reduced appetite, weight loss, weight loss with hyperthyroidism, pifawuli, insomnia, lack of concentration, exophthalmos, hand flutter, fibrillation of the tongue, etc.


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