Great cold injury of radix isatidis Yang

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radix isatidis Dahan dressed in uniforms or injury Yang gas

in recent years to, part doctor does not syndrome differentiation card and application radix isatidis, and people were blind abuse radix isatidis of phenomenon very general, especially currently flow raging, and General cold increased of season, Radix isatidis and proprietary Chinese medicines preparations more is sought-after, many people for anti-cold, long-term to radix isatidis Cook water drink, many parents every day for child take after mixed with water radix isatidis granules (particles), for children Dang tea drink. There are a lot of people, a cold, stuffy running nose, headache and slight fever and other symptoms appear, regardless of their physical deficiency, regardless of wind-cold and heat, are preferred taking proprietary Chinese medicine preparations of radix isatidis.

does not syndrome differentiation card and abuse radix isatidis of causes, a is people on Chinese medicine of ignorance, most patients does not understand abuse cold drug of hazard,-patient cold figure convenient, see description or hearsay free purchase taking; second is some manufacturers, and media of misleading; three is part doctor dropped has TCM syndrome differentiation card on the treatment of principles, only will in accordance with the so-called radix isatidis has anti-virus, and antibacterial anti-inflammatory role of Western medicine thinking and for patients errors medication. Misuse of radix isatidis so no differentiation phenomenon needs to be aroused our attention.

radix isatidis is cross spent branch herbs isatis indigotica Fort blue or grass large green of root, or Jue bed branch plant acanthaceous Indigo of root, taste bitter salt, sexual Dahan, has qingre cool blood detoxification of effect, only syndrome differentiation card application Yu Fengre, and hot HIV backwater Sheng caused by of cold, and head blast (facial Erysipelas), and the swollen cheek (mumps) and the hot HIV spot rash, card Hou, see high fever, and surface Chek Lap Kok, and headache, and nasal flow yellow tears, and pharyngeal swelling pain, and upset thirsty, and throat swelling, and tongue yellow, symptoms Shi, Constitution virtual cold who must caution with, these card waiting basically is belonging to Yangming in hot empirical of, and currently cold or influenza early up, is cold who mostly, cold of evil General in fur muscle table, does not into in and into in real hot and the hot HIV backwater sheng of card, treatment shouldPreferred drugs pungent solution of tables, such as abuse of cold, Yang was the bitter cold injuries, damage healthy trends; second, evil, aggravated the illness. Especially for children with colds, whether or not children are Weak, card is wind-cold and heat and blind to the drug, can damage the child’s healthy trends, lower immunity, also easy to produce symptoms such as indigestion, loss of appetite, abdominal pain in children, children already Yang immature, deficiency of spleen and stomach, abuse of misuse is easy to cause harm.

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