Good medicine yangyin Shengjin polygonatum odoratum and strong heart

Jade bamboo

Jade bamboo for liliaceous plant jade bamboo roots.Flavour to gedaliah, sex flat stomach, lung, by, is blindly remedy. Nourish “Yin” carambola

“WenBing bar of the distinguishing ldquo; andMaiMenDong soup & rdquo; straight ladybell, prescription for: jade bamboo 15 grams, MaiMenDong, pollen, straight ladybell, mulberry, white lentils, born licorice each 10 grams, water decocting, take one agent,.Is a common Kennedy cold tonic, suitable for [feiwei yam injuries, lung and stomach fluid is insufficient, dry throat thirsty, dry cough phlegm junior.The relatively pills and fitness “load square: jade bamboo, straight ladybell, radix ophiopogonis 15 grams, fructus schisandrae, each ChuanBeiMu every 10 grams, water frying clothing.Used for Yin phlegm-heat type, long sputum less, dry throat thirsty, shortness of breath, fatigue person quite come to pass.

Modern pharmacological research proves, jade bamboo has good strong heart function, daily with jade bamboo 20 grams, water frying uniform, for of rheumatism sex heart disease, coronary atherosclerotic heart, lung former sex heart disease cause heart failure have certain curative effect.


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