Ginkgo fruit Yiqi dingchuan white turbidity

fruit Yiqi dingchuan white cloud

Ginkgo fruit commonly known as Ginkgo, belongs to the dried fruit class, with good health and pharmacology. The compendium of Materia Medica records: “ cooked food warm lungs, Yiqi, dingchuan rinse, zoom out, check white turbidity; raw reducing phlegm, disinfection insecticidal ”. Order ginkgo seeds of traditional Chinese medicine in treatment of bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, diseases such as tuberculosis, leucorrhea, nocturnal emission

“by” the lung, heart, kidney Meridian.

“function” astringing lung Qi, dingchuan rinse, with dark, narrow.

the “indications” asthma, phlegm-rinse, leucorrhea, white cloud, wet dream, gonorrhea, frequency of micturition.

the “usage” oral administration: soup with fried, 1.5-3 money stamp juice or in pill, powder. External application: stamp application.

the “medication cream should be” 1. There is real evil cream suits. 2. the domestic herbal medicine: more aerodynamic wind fresh backwater. Children eat stunning Fok, surprise infantile malnutrition. With the eel fish food and patients must. 3. of the Checklist: eat are arrange in a row expansion.

the “adverse reaction” for consumption of fried and boiled Gingko Ginkgo, caused by food poisoning.

the “drugs” distribution myrobalan: astringing lung air under strong distribution ephedra: Lung and asthma.

“identification” Gingko and schisandra chinensis: two drugs are astringing lung for treatment of cough, so dominated by convergence of Fei Ding chuan Gingko, and mainly for lung phlegm heat breath rinse. Schisandra astringing lung-dominated, and temperature, applied to lung deficiency cough and lungs from the cold of the sputum cough. Coke under both can cure diseases, convergence with gingko, primary used for wet Sheng with white cloud of card, schisandra chinensis-solid and kidney under water, usually used in wet dream of kidney deficiency, urinary frequency and diarrhea of the five watches of the night.

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